News Release: The Pillar Of Shame

       The Pillar of Shame:
                   General info on the Pillar in Berlin (25-03-99)
                   Presentation and description of the project (08-01-99)
                   Danish Pillar of Shame finds Permanent Site in Northern Brazil (press release 24.04.00)
                   Pillar of Shame in front of Brazilian Parliament (press release 18.04.00)
                   Nobel Prize of Injustice to be set up in Brazil (press release 16.04.00)
                   Danish Pillar is experiencing troubles in the harbor ( Danish only)(press release 16.04.00)
                   Brazilian Parliament Debating Pillar of Shame (press release 08.04.00)
                   Pillar of Shame- Art Missile Sent towards Brazil (press release 15-03-00)
                   Giant Christmas Present for Brazilian Parliament (press release, 20.12.99)
                   A Pillar of Shame for Pereiro de Melo’s murderers

                   Galschiot unwanted in Mexico (15-05-99)
                   Danish sculptor detained in Chiapas, Mexico (13-05-99)
                   Zapatists in Mexico City (01-05-99)
                   The Pillar of Shame in Mexico(24-04-99)
                   Next stop Mexico City,including statement from CNI (14-04-99) (danish version only)
                   Indianere opstiller dansk skulptur (21-02-99) (danish version only )
             Hong Kong:
                   A ball of shame (04.06.98)
                   The Battle of the pillar - Chaotic art (28.05.98)
                   We're still alive (september 97)
                   Sack of lies (29.05.97)
                   M + R greed delay (28.05.97)
                   Pillar of shame arrived (27.05.97)
                   Press Release (24.05.97)
                   Press Release (12.05.97)
                   The old cannot kill the young forever (10.05.97)
                   The Chinese Pillar of Shame (10.05.97)
                   Art in Defence of Humanism (10.05.97)
                   Breakneck Economy (10.05.97)
                   A Memorial for Tiananmen
                   Monopoly Money for Starving Children