In the Hong Kong airport Jens Galschiot was

EXPELLED once again - 30 May 2009

He was denied entry without any explanation

Dansk her

The importance of the expulsion goes far beyond Jens Galschiot's personal inconvenience. The artist says: For me it's upsetting to be sent back without any explanation after 5 hours of interrogation in the airport. But the case is more severe for the democracy movement. They have been denied the right to invite guests at their discretion to join the June 4 commemoration. With the SAR government's arbitrary expulsions the future of Hong Kong as an open society abiding to the rule of law is at stake. Can democracy and free speech be preserved, or will the Chinese mainland's totalitarian system gradually spread to Hong Kong?

Due to the principal character of the issue, it has found overwhelming repercussion in the world's media.

Jens' two sons, Lasse Markus and Kasper Markus, were allowed entry to Hong Kong, where they represented the artist. They joined the big manifestation on 31 May (see video from the BBC and our own photo series) and the Candlelight Vigil on 4 June where 150,000 gathered to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the Tiananmen crackdown.

On 2 June Lasse and Kasper represented the artist at the donation of a sculpture to the students' union and to the Legco. Ms Cyd HO Sau-lan received the sculpture at interim basis. The Legco's acceptance (or refusal) of the sculpture immediately became an extremely hot issue in Hong Kong. On 11 June the Legco's governing body voted six-to-five to reject the sculpture. Anyway, the democracy movement will insist on displaying the sculpture as a poignant symbol of the Tiananmen crackdown and of free speech.

In co-operation with the democracy movement Jens Galschiot is now preparing a complaint about the expulsion to the government of Hong Kong.

In the Legco Secretary for Security, Mr Ambrose Lee has been asked about the criteria for denying entry to Hong Kong.

The artist has sent a letter to all Danish MPs and to all members of the EU Parliament asking for political support. Some have already sent a positive response, and some have even expressed their willingness to make a public statement. You find their addresses here.

For the sake of transparency, we have decided to upload all important documents on our website.

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