May 31, 2009

Diary of the remaining Galschiot delegation

We were invited to join the big demonstration to commemmorate the 20th anniversary of the June 4 massacre. The demonstration was arranged by the Hong Kong Alliance, which was also the group who invited the us to join. From the arrival, the media showed very big interests in the Jens Galschiot situation, wanting to know if there was any news of the situation, and what comments we had on the situation. The demonstration was set to start at Victoria Park, where we (Galschiot's sons) were invited to the stage along with prominent people, like Albert Ho, Lee Cheuk Yan, Xiong Yan and Szeto Wah. After the initial speeches, we were asked to make a small speech on the situation and our donings in Hong Kong.

This was in many ways difficult and unexpected. It was supposed to have been Jens Galschiot speeking, but now it was up to us to talk on his and our own behalfs. Fortunately Kasper did what we agree to be a good speech, telling about how he felt it was important to show support for democracy, and never to forget the Tiananmen massacre. Especially after the expulsion of Jens Galschiot which clearly shows that Hong Kong is heading in the wrong direction and put doubt on the "one country two systems" promise.

We went in the head of the demonstration carrying the main banner with the members of the Hong Kong Alliance. It was a very big demonstration, gathering more than 8000 people, filling the road for more than 1 kilometer. It was very nice to see so many people showing support for the commemmoration, which assure us that there is hope for Hong Kong, China, and freedom of speech after all. Remembering the Chiananmen massacre, is remembering that democracy should not be taken for granted, as we sometimes feel it is in Denmark. The demonstration ended at the Hong Kong Parliament, where people gathered and speeches were given.

After the demonstration, we met with the consule of the United States of America. He had some questions regarding the treatment of Jens Galschiot by the Hong Kong authorities, the reason for these questions were that USA was interesting in the expulsion, for their human right report.

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2009: Expelled once again from Hong Kong
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