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Jens Galschiot

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Application for entrance into Hong Kong


Dear Sirs/Madams,


In relation to the commemoration of the 20th anniversary of the Tiananmen massacre, I have been invited to come to Hong Kong by the Hong Kong Alliance in Support of Democracy in China.


I have decided to accept the invitation and will arrive at Hong Kong around May 29th and leave again around June 7th. The precise dates depend on which arrangements I am expected to participate in. In relation to the visit I will repair the sculpture The Pillar of Shame which is erected at the University of Hong Kong.


I plan to arrive with a Danish documentary film-crew of two persons. They will cover the events in relation to the 20th anniversary of the massacre on June 4th 1989 as well as my stay in Hong Kong. Moreover two of my sons, which are also my co-workers, will join me on my trip to help me with the work and experience the memorial events in Hong Kong.


However at my last visit on April 26 2008 I was denied entry to Hong Kong. From the statements of the Hong Kong authorities at that time I understand that expulsion was made on grounds of the specific circumstances. The Olympic torch was coming to Hong Kong which was the reason for denying my entry. In relation to that I can inform you that the expulsion, besides of costing me a lot of trouble and money, caused me some troublesome back problems. This was probably caused by my having to sit waiting for more than 48 hours with scarce opportunities to sleep. 


Therefore I wish to get certainty about whether I will be able to enter Hong Kong this time. I expect to do several things during the visit to Hong Kong. I plan to:


·        repair the sculpture The Pillar of Shame, which has become a poignant Hong Kong memorial of the Tiananmen massacre, as to make it intact for the ceremonies in relation to 20th anniversary celebrations.

·        participate in the meetings and ceremonies around the anniversary of the Tiananmen massacre on June 4th 1989.

·        hand over two copper sculptures to commemorate the 20th anniversary the Tiananmen massacre on June 4th 1989. One for the LegCo and one for the ”Hong Kong Alliance in Support of Democracy in China”.

·        meet with my Chinese friends in Hong Kong.

·        be a part of the documentary film that about the 20th anniversary and my stay in Hong Kong.


During my former visits to Hong Kong I and my staff have never been involved in any illegal confrontation with the Hong Kong authorities. Also this time we will comply with any order issued by the authorities.


I am not completely sure to whom this application is to be addressed, as Danish citizens under normal circumstances do not need to apply for entrance before their arrival in Hong Kong. I therefore choose to send the application to:

·        The immigration authorities which treated my complaint in relation to the expulsion in April 2009.

·        The LegCo. As it is my clear understanding that there was political reasons behind refusing me entrance into Hong Kong last year.

·        The President of the LegCo Hon Jasper TSANG Yok-sing.


I have chosen to send this application about entrance into Hong Kong to the Chinese embassy in Copenhagen, even though the embassy under normal circumstances do not need to permit entrance into Hong Kong for Danish citizens. However I have been informed that the Chinese embassy is the legal representation of Hong Kong SAR in Denmark.


I have sent a copy of the application to the Danish foreign ministry and the Danish consulate in Hong Kong and asked them to assist with this issue. I have given them permission to transmit any information about my person if it can help me to get the permission.


I find it important that the treatment of a case like this is carried out with full openness and transparency. Therefore this application along with attachments will be placed on my website. According to my standard procedure all documents concerning my art activities are made accessible to the public. This is partly because many find an interest in my activities and partly because I do not have anything to hide.


Further information about the expulsion on April 26 2008 can be obtained at;

General information about my work can be obtained at;


I am at your service if you need further information.


Best regards

Jens Galschiot