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Mr PF Chan and

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Odense, 10 May 2009





To Mr PEH Yun-lu, Simon and PF Chan


After more than three weeks of waiting I received at length, on 7 May, a fax from the Immigration Department. However, I simply do not understand the message that seems to be a mere standard formula containing no reference to the questions I’ve addressed to immigration authorities.


The message says that the Immigration Department will not issue an advance notice about my allowance to Hong Kong but decide about the issue on the spot, on our arrival in the airport. I really do not understand that. I had asked for a permission in advance, and to provide a solid basis for the authorities to make their decision, I had sent a comprehensive presentation of the purpose of the journey and of the activities that I and my staff intended to join.


But the authorities refuse to address my question. Instead they serve up a description of the general guidelines for entry into Hong Kong. In fact, these guidelines are well known to me, as I’ve been there on various occasions. I’m also aware that according to the general praxis, you risk being denied entrance and sent back with the first plane. Last spring I had exactly such an unpleasant experience.


This is the reason for my request for an admittance in advance: to avoid a repetition of last year’s embarrassing incidence, so that I and my staff should not face expulsion, which would be very money- and time consuming. In addition, the embarrassing experience of expulsion could also be a serious strain on my health.


To facilitate the authorities handling of my application, I’ve asked Consul General of Denmark Mr Joergen Moellegaard to provide any information that might be useful to provide a reliable basis for handling the issue of my application.


I’ve received some reactions from various members of the LegCo and a message from the office of President Hon Jasper Tsang Yok-sing. From the office of the President they say that Mr Tsang is sympathetic with my wish an advance clarification about whether I’ll be allowed to Hong Kong or not, and the President’s office have taken contact to you, requesting you to give me a clarification. See this quotation:




But the message I’ve received from you is a far cry from a clarification!


I request that you reconsider the issue. I’m fully aware that the Immigration Department cannot change their general guidelines for the sake of a few individuals and I certainly do not ask for that. But it should be possible for you to give an advance assessment to me and my staff issuing a statement like: “On the basis of the available information, the Immigration Department does not find any reason why Jens Galschiot and his staff should not be allowed to enter Hong Kong.”


With such a declaration I and my staff could feel comfortable about the preparation of our trip to Hong Kong and we could book our tickets without fearing loss of money.


On the existing basis I find the perspectives for our visit to Hong Kong completely uncertain, as we cannot know whether we’ll be allowed or not.


I look forward to you benevolent handling of the issue.


Yours sincerely,


Jens Galschiot



As attachment you find my first application for entrance to Hong Kong and the letter from the President’s office.