Press release, 11 May 2009

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Dear Hong Kong journalists,

For your information I send you an answer to my request for entrance into Hong Kong from the immigration authorities on May 7th. Sad to say, the answer reminds me of a standard letter. From the letter from the immigration authorities in Hong Kong I stand completely uncertain about whether I can enter Hong Kong or not. This is not at all a satisfactory answer to my request. I have therefore written a new request to the immigration authorities. Both to clarify the situation and to be certain about whether I can enter Hong Kong or not. The purpose of the visit is to repair the monument for the Tiananmen massacre and to participate in the memorials surrounding the 20th anniversary.

I cannot help seeing the letter from the immigration authority as a disguised attempt to prevent me from going to Hong Kong to commemorate the 1989 massacre in Beijing. I am very sorry that the migration authorities through this letter help repress the freedom of speech in Hong Kong. By this obstruction citizens from other democratic countries are prevented from entering Hong Kong to honor and commemorate those who sacrificed their lives on the Tiananmen Square on June 4th 1989.

I would be happy if you would investigate and cover the case.

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Best regards

Jens Galschiot