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Jens Galschiot´s co-operation with the Chinese Democracy Movement was initiated in 1997 as he put up a Pillar of Shame in Hong Kong to denounce the gory Tiananmen Massacre in 1987.

Since then Hong Kong´s migration authorities have obstructed the artist´s support to the Chinese activists, as they on various occasions have denied him entry to the territory.

Galschiot´s support is not limited to the realm of sculptures. Since 2006 he is every year ahead of 4th June running a campaign titled Give the Chinese students their history back!. Chinese students all over the world are given the opportunity to face their gory recent history by means of a collection of authentic documents from 1989. You are highly welcome to join the campaign.

Below you´ll find an overview of Galschiot´s manifold activities in support of democracy and human rights in China.

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