Request for support of Jens Galschiotís

application for entrance into Hong Kong


- In the view of a broader perspective

of defence of free speech



Open letter to all members of the LegCo


Dear Sirs/Madams


After more than three weeks of waiting I received at length, on 7 May, a fax from the Immigration Department. However, the message seems to be a mere standard formula containing no reference to the questions Iíve addressed to immigration authorities.


The message leaves me completely uncertain about whether I can enter Hong Kong or not. This is not at all a satisfactory answer to my request. I have therefore sent a new request to the immigration authorities to clarify the situation.


The purpose of the visit is to repair The Pillar of Shame, the monument Iíve created for the Tiananmen massacre and to participate in the memorials surrounding the 20th anniversary. Youíll find my request of 10th May and other relevant documents at:


Iíve just been informed from the media that Dr Yang Jianli has been refused entry into Hong Kong. The case is grotesque as Mr Yang is a Chinese citizen with a valid passport. Mr Yang was denied access to his own country, as he wanted to join the commemoration of the 20th anniversary Tiananmen massacre. This expulsion reinforces my fear that I and my staff could risk a denial of entry, as it happened last spring. The Immigration Departmentís denial of giving me clarification does not make me comfortable about planning my journey to Hong Kong. Their declared defence of Hong Kong as an open society is not convincing.

I cannot help seeing the letter from the immigration authority as a disguised attempt to prevent me from going to Hong Kong to commemorate the 1989 massacre in Beijing. I am very sorry that the migration authorities through this letter help repress the freedom of speech in Hong Kong. By this obstruction citizens from other democratic countries are prevented from entering Hong Kong to honour and commemorate those who sacrificed their lives on the Tiananmen Square on June 4th 1989.


The case has obvious political implications. Thatís why I request the members of the LegCo to get involved. In fact, Hong Kongís reputation as well as precious ideals are at stake. Itís important to secure Hong Kong to remain in the family of civilized democratic countries where free speech and the rule of law are unalienable values.

On the occasion of the reunion with the mainland the principle of ĎOne country Ė Two systemsí was declared to secure Hong Kongís preservation and development of its democratic system. Some critics, however, were worried for the future, fearing that the totalitarian Beijing regime would gradually annihilate Hong Kongís liberties. I hope the LegCo will take a firm stance in the defence of transparency and free speech, and thus make the fear of the critics groundless.


I would be happy if you would investigate this issue, discuss it and take appropriate action.



Yours sincerely,

Jens Galschiot