On the occasion of the anniversary of the Tiananmen massacre:

4th June 89

Give the Chinese students their history back!

This information campaign is carried out in co-operation with the democracy movement

During his visit to Hong Kong, December 2005, for the WTO summit, Jens Galschiot received a comprehensive collection of documents about the Tiananmen massacre from the democracy movement. He promissed to scan them and put them on his homepage. It has been done and you find the documents below.

Since 2006 we have every year ahead of 4th June informed the world press about this unique documentation. We have also sent the message out to Chinese students in the West to give them an opportunity to become acquainted with this bloody chapter of their countrys history.

We call on everybody to support this initiative and to mail this appeal to institutions of education where there are Chinese students or others who might be interested in preserving and distributing the knowledge about the Tiananmen massacre.

So we can make a common effort to give the Chinese students their history back!

Jens Galschiots co-operation with the Democracy Movement stems from 1997 when he erected a Pillar of Shame ahead of Hong Kongs reunion with China.

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4th June 89
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