Tore arm of dying boy in the Main Street of Odense.

Jens Galschiotīs sculpture of a dying, starved out boy in a large pair of Nike shoes was Friday night exposed to extensive vandalism by unknown perpetrators. The bronze sculpture called JUST DO IT brings the exploitation of workers in the third world, into focus. From its place on the Main Street in Odense, the sculpture has extracted a great deal of attention from the shops and their customers and now also the nightly perpetrators.

The sculpture has been exposed to several attacks since it was unveiled on the 5th of May. At first some unknown perpetrators broke a flowerpot over the sculpture and put a pair of underwear on it. But Friday night these relatively innocent fun and games reached its climax, the perpetrators knocked over the 600-kilo heavy sculpture, herby one of the arm was broke of and parts of the pedestal was broken.



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Categories: 2001: Just do it - Nike sculpture | Happenings and Art Installations
Themes: Childrenīs rights | Criticism of companies
Sculptures: Walking Woman No. 2 (big)
Type: Press releases
Dates: 2001 | 14th May 2001
Locations: Odense, Denmark | Pedestrian street, Odense, Denmark
Co-operators and Helpers: Cityforeningen, Odense
Related Persons and Entities: NIKE International