Press Release 19 September 2002

Watch out for social justice!

Asem4people pillory ASEM 4 summit for focussing on corporations' profit in stead of poor people's interests

Asem4people's happening with a big group of starving people wearing fashionable trainers outside Bella Center in Copenhagen, will surely catch the eyes of the participants of ASEM. Hopefully it will provoke them to look at the situation in developing countries in a new way, and prevent them from focusing on western companies' financial growth and work for social justice.

The 25 sculptures are each around two metres high and made by Danish artist Jens Galschiot. In Asia he is mainly known for his eight metres high Pillar of Shame which was used by the Alliance for Democracy in China to pillory Tiananmen crackdown in 1989.

In connection with the Hunger March the 25 starving boys have recently been exhibited in many cities in Denmark, to remind us of our responsibility to share our wealth with the poor countries. Now it is time for the European and Asian heads of states to meet the starving and suffering bodies on their way to the ASEM 4 Summit in the Bella Center. Asem4people find that the official ASEM process between the governments of the European Union and 10 Asian countries focus far too much on the interests of big business, with action plans to promote investments and export.

"With the asem4people civil society forum we want to draw the attention to the issues our heads of states avoid, such as the negative social impact of globalisation, the growing gap between the rich and the poor, the violations of human rights. The security issues focus too much on the military solutions. We find that more attention should be given to the issue of human security", explains Peter With, Consultant at the asem4 people Secretariat.

"We wish to have a dialogue with our government and have urged them to meet us at the level of the ministers. However, while they are attending the Asian European Business Forum, they do not have time for us. It is a disgrace. The asem4people participants and the 25 starving boys in Adidas, Nike and Reebok shoes will move from the venue at Holmen to the Bella Center Sunday late afternoon to present the protest towards the official ASEM 4 summit at the Bella Center.

Time: Sunday 22nd September 2002 at 6pm
Place: Vejlands Allé / Center Boulevard, Copenhagen S - corner
Further information:
Artist Jens Galschiot (+45) 6618 4058 - mobile: (+45) 4044 7058 - Internet:
Consultant, asem4people, Peter With, (+45) 2178 4021 - More information at


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