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Portrait of a sculptor


· Honorary member of the Society for Trade and Industry

· Member of Fynsk erhverv (Funen Business Society)

· Included in the Blaa Bog (Blue Book – book of celebrities)

· Included in the Wall of Heroes at the Hans Christian Andersen children's hospital of OUH, Odense

· Participated in debate program ’Sunday Morning’ on P4 Fyn (local branch of the Danish Radio) 2007/08/09/2010/11/12

· Participated in Arbiters of Taste (art program on the DR) from 2011-12

· Arbiter in film made by young people at Odense Film Workshop

· Censor at various art exhibitions – among others Oesthimmerland Kunstudstilling 2010



































Works sold to:

Hospital of Odense - University of Odense - Municipality of Frederikssund - Art Society of Frederikssund - County of Funen - Art Society of Vejle and Aarhus Counties - Art Society of Brande - Commercial School of Aalborg - Art Society of Aabenraa - The Clothing Industry’s Union of Denmark - Art societies of Novo Nordisk and Carlsberg - KTAS - Superfos - Jersild Advertising Agency - Municipality of Fuglebjerg - The Hans Christian Andersen Committee - Møller og Co. - Ministry of Energy - Micro Matic - Hans Christian Andersen Hotel - Companies and individuals in Denmark and abroad

· June Félix Cárdenas (Aymara) shows the film Koka-Zero film about Bolivia

· Aug. Rey Morales, Mexican painter

· Nov. Bolivian theatre children interpret Hans Christian Andersen

· Nov. The brain can prophesy lecture by brain researcher Albert Gjedde

· Dec.  Debate meeting about the war in Iraq



· April  Conference on Globalisation

· Aug. Gastronomic evening 4 first class chefs make a fundraiser banquet

· Nov Ofelia Medina som Frida Kahlo (MX)

· Nov. Exhibition with Alberto Aragón (MX)

· Dec.  East and West, home is best - 10 years’ commitment with the homeless



· April  Poetry and prose – with the Utopists of Funen

· June Debate meeting about China, sports and politics

· Sep.  Rey Morales, painter (MX)

· Sep. Mexican evening with Ofelia Medina and Mexican food

· Oct. Rasmus Lyberth with band in concert

· Nov. Award of the Robert Mondavi Prize

· Nov. Workshop with David Berceli

· Nov.  Poul Nielsen, concentration camps survivor tells his history



· Jan.  Climate crises, no thanks – Climate awareness and sustainability, yes please!

· Feb. Debate meeting about Afghanistan

· March Trauma workshop

· June Climate debate in the gallery



· Aug. ´Into the light´ exhibition with artists affiliated to the Gallery

· Oct.  Women without fear in the Gallery (MX)

· Nov.  Environment and climate conference , UNESCO and Nordic Council with Princess Marie



· March  Sustainable signals

· Aug. Music from three continents, Rasmus Lyberth (DK), Bola Suriana (MX), Hugjiltu throat, singer (CN)

· Nov.  Denmark’s biggest drum meditation

· Dec. The Drowning of Hans Christian Andersen



· Jan. Fund-raising sale for Fundamentalism

· Apr. The Resurrection of Hans Christian Andersen

· Apr. A night about alternative ways of surviving

· Apr. Annual general meeting (AGM) in  ECO-Net

· May-Jun. A Pillar of Shame in Kurdistan? Galschiot travels to Iraqui Kurdistan to explore the possibility of setting up a Pillar of  Shame in memorial of the Anfal Massacre

· Jun. Exhibition by Rey Morales and Soren Lilliendal Hansen

· Jun. Galschiot joins Rio Summit and “Folkemøde”, DK




Member of – participating in:

· Member of BKF (Association of Pictorial Artists)

· Member of DBF (Union of Danish Pictorial Artists)

· Member of the society of artists FLASH-BACK

· Ambassador of the Epilepsy Association and the Blood Donors’ Association

· Member of the supporting group for Christiania from 2000

· Member of the expert panel of Cerepo (Centre for Judiciary Studies) from 2007

· Member of the Cevea  Advisory Board (independent centre-left think tank)

· Member of the local committee of the Campaign Against Stigmatisation of Psychiatric Patients, 2011

· Member of the Sustainability Council of Odense Municipality 10/11/12

· Unreasonable arbiter at inspired by… Brandts, June 2011

· Arbiter in the Danish championship in theatre sport 08/09/10

· Arbiter in Danish Hairdresser’s Association, Hans Christian Andersen 2005 – Storyteller’s Fountain July 2005 Rosengaardscentret

· Arbiter of taste in Danish Championship in aquavit production

· Censor at various art exhibitions – among others Oesthimmerland Kunstudstilling 2010 Member of the steering committee for depressive patients in the Funen county 04/05

· Local Authority for Sector 2, 11-13, Str. Chiristigiilor (in the park in front of the building), Bucharest



· My Inner Beast, Barcelona, placed in the city , Nov. 1993 (X)

· Galeria Ciutat Vella, Barcelona, 1993

· World Exhibition EXPO 92, Seville (X)

· Juan Delgado, Granada, 1995



· My Inner Beast, Stockholm placed in the city , Nov. 1993(X)

· Gallery Miva, Malmoe, from 2005 (P)

· Social Forum of Scania, Lund, 2006 (X)

· Folk High School, Gothenburg, 2006 (X)

· In the Name of God, European Social Forum, Sep. 2008 (X)

· The Balancing Act, Malmö, August 2012

· M/S Anton, The Refugees’ Ship, Stockholm, August 2012





· My Inner Beast, Zurich , placed in the city , Nov. 1993(X)

· My Inner Beast, Genevaplaced in the city , Nov. 1993(X)

· Place des Nations, in front of the UN building, Geneva, 2000 (X)

· Ngo gathering, Geneva, 2000 (X)



· The Alpine Gallery, Mayfair, London, 1992 (X)

· European Social Forum, London, 2004 (X)

· The first Homeless Sculpture, Cardiff, Wales, Nov. 2008 (X)


(X) = One-man exhibition, exhibition with at least 15 sculptures or exhibition with the artist’s sculptures as an essential part

(P) = Permanent exhibition





Events in the gallery

Exhibitions – concerts – theatre - conferences


A wide range of activities in Gallery Galschiot (400 m2):



· Eysium theatre/dance - Galschiot was the set designer



· Feb. The Odin Theatre performs Mythos

· Brændpunkter (Focal Points), Paint project with Danish kids in dialogue with Colorin Colorado

· Nov./Dec. Colorí­n Colorado, Exhibition with giant paintings by Mexican children



· New Year 2000,Big New Year celebration with 350 people invited

· Metrokroppe,  Exhibition



· The Utmost Silence, theatre, Galschiot was the set designer

· Feb. The Existentialists from Strynoe, Exhibition



· Oct. Game menu, Cultural dinner /event

· Nov. Frida Kahlo - Mexican evening, Cultural dinner /event



· Apr. Pia Gredal theatre: The day when the sun and the moon stayed at home

· Feb. Shrovetide dinner, Cultural dinner /event

· Muslim Voices, Debate about Christianity with Critical Muslims

· May Aphrodisiac dinner, Cultural dinner /event

· Apr. East European dinner, Cultural dinner /event

· March Ecological dinner, Cultural dinner /event

· Aug. Theatre:  King Arthur and the ugly witch

· Oct. Frida Kahlo film followed by a debate with Ofelia Medina (Mexico)

· Dec. A secular church, Cultural dinner /event



· Apr./May Alberto Aragón Reyes, Painter (Mexico)

· Nov. Holger Bech Nielsen lecture about nuclear physics

·  Oct. Jacob Holt shows American Pictures