The Nightmare

The intention of the fire-breathing performance is to illustrate the impact of hate and extremism on all of us. In a landscape of gloomy sculptures a speech is recited taking inspiration in Martin Luther King's famous speech I have a dream, but with the sign reversed, so that brutalisation and mental callousness are voiced. The performance is an admonition against the slide towards the inhumane society we'll witness if we do not succeed to curb the demonic sides of our mind.

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Level Up

Happenings and Art Installations
Performances / Scenographies
Activities related to environment and climate
Additional Information:
Themes: Ecology - sustainable development | Human rights
Sculptures: Fenris Wolf, big | Fenris Wolf, small | Masks of the Pillar of Shame | Monopoly Money | My inner Beast - concrete | Pillar of Shame
Type: Overview
Dates: 26th June 2002 | 18th October 2002 | 16th November 2002 | 10th December 2002
Locations: Aalborg, Denmark | Town hall square, Copenhagen, Denmark | Galschiot´s workshop, Odense, Denmark | Roskilde Festival, Roskilde, Denmark
Co-operators and Helpers: Andreas Dybkjær | Carl Quist Møller | Hans Børsting | Ib Frendø | Jonathan Paul Cook | Kasper Markus | Krakagården | Leif Müller | Martin Craggs | Martin Liljendal | Mogens Rex | Tinku, Aalborg
Partners: ATTAC Copenhagen | NGO forum in Aalborg | Roskilde Festival
Related Persons and Entities: Brandvæsenet i Aalborg | Brandvæsenet i Odense | Brandvæsenet i Roskilde | MTV
Sponsors: BB Hydraulik | Emmeløv Mølle (Biodiesel) | Havnens Autogenbrug, Odense | Weishaupt