The Pillar of Shame

Happenings and Projects: Pillar of Shame, Silent Death, Young People in Glass tubes, My Inner Beast, Earth is poisonous, The Messenger
Sculptures: Larger sculptures and sculpture groups, Smaller sculptures, Bronze Clothing Art
Co-operations: Amnesty International
Summits: Geneva Social Summit 2000, IMF and World Bank meeting in Prague


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Miscellaneous quality photos  (pics are 1 Mb each)
Brazil, Index:
Brazil, May 3 (25 pics)   -photos from the trip to Eldorado de Carajàs
Brazil, April 24 (16 pics)   -photos of  the São João Batista camp of MST, Brazil
Brazil, April 20 (9 pics)   - the Pillar of Shame by the parliament
Denmark, March 15 (11 pics)   -the making of the plates to the Brazilian Pillar
Denmark, March 14 (13 pics)   -the making of the Brazilian Pillar
Mexico, index:  
Mexico, 16th of May '99 (33 pics)   -Of the putting up of Pillar of Shame in Acteal, with pictures of the native people (English & Danish descriptions)
Mexico, 3rd of May '99 (9 pics)   -Of the Pillar of Shame at the Zacalo, and the removal of it (English & Danish descriptions)
Mexico, 2nd of May '99 (20 pics)   -Of the Pillar of Shame at the Zacalo, with a lot of photos of the Zapatistas demonstrating (in front of Bellas Artes) (English descriptions)
Mexico, 1st of May '99 (30 pics)   -Of the Pillar of Shame's arrival at the Zacalo, including many pictures of the Zapatistas and CLETA. (Danish & English descriptions)
Mexico, 18th of April '99 (16 pics)   -Of the Pillar of Shame's arrival at the Chapultapec Park, where it was places in front of Plaza de Lago. (English descriptions)
Hong Kong:
Hong Kong (the Making) (18 pics)   -Of the preparation and making of the Hong Kong Pillar of Shame (English description)
in Hong Kong (37 pics)   -Miscellaneous photos from Hong Kong -including photos of the Pillar of Shame, the candlelight vigil, and Galschiot (no descriptions)
Rome (6 pics)   -of the Pillar of Shame in front of the NGO forum of the FAO summit, November '96. (no descriptions)
by Kim Rune (14 pics)   - black/white photos of the making of the first Pillar of Shame, taken by the Danish photographer Kim Rune. (English descriptions)

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