The Pillar of Shame
-by Kim Rune

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Happenings and Projects: Pillar of Shame, Silent Death, Young People in Glass tubes, My Inner Beast, Earth is poisonous, The Messenger
Sculptures: Larger sculptures and sculpture groups, Smaller sculptures, Bronze Clothing Art
Co-operations: Amnesty International
Summits: Geneva Social Summit 2000, IMF and World Bank meeting in Prague

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Our memories become ever shorter because our consciousness is overburdened by the media's continuous stream of information. The smell of decomposing corpses and death vanishes as soon as the pictures fade from the screen. It is the aim of the Pillar of Shame to perpetuate the memory of the atrocity and its victims - to serve as a reminder in history.

Kim Rune is a Danish photographer, who works for a Danish news paper. He is also a good friend of Galschiot and made this black/white photo series of the Pillar of Shame, during the making of it.

A detailed description of the Pillar of Shame event

(Click on the pictures to go to a larger version)

Pillar Photo #1 The artist Jens Galschiot, and the Pillar of Shame
with silicone on it. (close-up)
Pillar Photo #2 The artist Jens Galschiot and The pillar of shame.
Pillar Photo #3 Two workers and the Pillar of Shame in the
background. (normal)
Pillar Photo #4 The Pillar of shame with silicone on it. (close up)
Pillar Photo #5 A worker and The Pillar of Shame. (close up)
Pillar Photo #6 A face from the Pillar of shame, which is being made.
(close up)
Pillar Photo #7 The bottom part of the Pillar of Shame. (distant)
Pillar Photo #8 A worker works on the Pillar of Shame. (close-up)
Pillar Photo #9 The scuptor, Jens Galschiot, behind the Pillar of Shame
Pillar Photo #10 Situation photo. (close-up)
Pillar Photo #12 The artist, Jens Galschiot, (in the bottom) works on
the Pillar Of Shame with a worker. (a little distant)
Pillar Photo #13 A close picture of one af the heads on the Pillar of Shame,
with silicone all over. (close up)
Pillar Photo #14 1 face partly covered with silicone. (close up)
Pillar Photo #15 2 faces from the Pillar of Shame, with some silicone over it
(close up)