An installation about children´s rights

Hands of Stone

in co-operation with Amnesty International

3000 castings of children´s hands were set up in co-operation with Amnesty International. The purpose was to focus on the ill-treatment the grown ups of the future are exposed to in many parts of the world: hunger, child labour, military service prostitution, etc.

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Happenings and Art Installations
Additional Information:
Themes: Children´s rights | NGO activities | Schools involved
Sculptures: Hands of Stone
Type: Overview
Dates: November 2000
Locations: Aalborg, Denmark | Rådhuspladsen, Aarhus, Denmark | Tivoli, Copenhagen, Denmark | Nakskov, Denmark | Flakhaven (Town Hall sq.), Odense, Denmark | Roskilde, Denmark | Silkeborg, Denmark | Malmö, Sweden
Co-operators and Helpers: Elementary schools in Odense | Gymnasiums in Odense | Hjemmeværnet | Monica Ritterband
Partners: Amnesty International
Sponsors: Densit A/S | Dentaurum | DeTrey Dentsply AG, Schweiz | Elstrøm Dental A/S | GC | Heraeus Kulzer | I.M. Nielsen & Odense Tømmergård | Jensen Tæpper & Gardiner | JF Emballage ApS | Leman International System Transport A/S | Odense Kommune | Rambøll Jubilæumsfonden | Skanska