For artists fascinated of drapery and interested in clothing sculptures, the traditional Arabic clothing is of para≠mount interest. Therefore, Galschiot has made several copper sculptures expressing the genuine elegance and fluffy lightness of the Arabic clothing tradition. Most sculptures consist only of the clothing, detached from its human content. They match well the Islamic culture that according to the Koran bans sculpturing of human and animal faces.

In 1991 Galschiot conceived a project of a cavalcade of Arabic clothing. The proposal was negotiated with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Saudi Arabia, but the project was temporarily suspended because of the Golf War, in the wake of which extremist Islamic groups have been invi≠go≠rated. Such groups oppose this sort of sculpture. An attempt will be made to realize the project privately in the Arabian Peninsula.

Jens Galschiot has created a clothing sculpture of an Arabic woman and an Arabic man.

†††††††††††† The sculpture Teshahud

†††††† depicts a praying Arabic man.


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