A joint workshop

of Danish artist Jens Galshiot and

Danish Association for International Co-operation (MS)


Open to the public




In tent No S1 in Victoria Park

Friday 16 December, 3 pm - 6 pm


What's the fuzz about art and political activism as a means of communication?

Camilla Nielsen-Englyst and Helle Loevstoe Severinsen

from the MS volunteer group Stop the Trade Robbery

Using political art to illustrate development problems

Danish artist Jens Galschiot who is displaying Mad Cow Disease, Survival of the Fattest and Hunger March throughout the WTO summit in Hong Kong

Discussion, inspiration, exchange of viewpoints and experience in campaigning on trade and development issues through political art




The Galschiot group,,, (+852) 9408 6455


MS group:

Theresa Roland Nielsen, Campaign co-ordinator in MS, (+852) 6020 9057,

Camilla Nielsen-Englyst, Activist of Stop the Trade Robbery, (+0852) 6020 9034,



Level Up

2005: Mad Cow Disease in Hong Kong
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