An art installation by Jens Galschiot on monotheist dogmas

This art installation is a warning against fundamentalism.

A strictly literal reading of the holy books entails a heartless and callous attitude eventually leading to intolerance and fanaticism.

The sculpture is an attempt at artistic interpretation and dialogue - a far cry from the Muhammad cartoons which were just seeking to mob and provoke Muslims -a sort of hate speech.
The idea is to create a monumental bronze sculpture consisting of the letters of the word FUNDAMENTALISM. The letters are 2.5 meters tall and erected in a large closed circle of 7 meters. Each letter is built up of religious books the three monotheist religions: Christianity, Islam and Judaism -the book religions.

There is only one entrance to the interior of the installation: a small hole through one of the letters (the T) above which a sign says Welcome. When you come into the circle, you can only get out of the same opening, but here is a sign saying NO EXIT.


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