A sculpture group against poverty and social exclusion

A Homeless Sculpture in the streets

of Debrecen, Hungary, July 2010

Homeless Sculptures exhibited

†in the European Parliament, Brussels 2010

Jens Galschiot has created 13 bronze sculptures of homeless people. In co-operation with the Danish NGO Project OUTSIDE, the sculptures have been exhibited in European capitals. The campaign was carried out on the occasion of the European Year for combating poverty and social exclusion 2010.

Bronze sculptures are usually put up to honour important powerful persons. But here the noble material is used to give voice to people who are normally ignored.

On each sculpture a sheet is fixed telling the story of the concerned person.

So far, the sculptures have been exhibited in 5 Danish cities and in 6 more European countries:

2010: Belgium, Portugal and Hungary

2011: Romania, Norway and Ireland.

Most important was undoubtedly the exhibition at the European Parliament 2010. The sculptures made a thought-provoking background for a hearing titled ĎEnding homelessness is possible!Ď

SAS offers a first class flight

to a homeless

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