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Copies of My Inner Beast are placed in store houses, jails, museums or squares in the following cities: Copenhagen, Odense, Aarhus, Herning, Oslo, Stockholm, Bonn, Munich, Berlin, Zurich, Innsbruck, Antwerp, Amsterdam, Brussels, Geneva, Paris, Marseille, Lyon, Barcelona and Cormano Milan.

My Inner Beast

Concrete, 80 x 80 x 230 cm, weight 1 ton

THE BEAST - 10 years after

Symbolism more intrusive than ever

On the occasion of the 10th anniversary Jens Galschiot and his staff initiated a search to find out what has happened to each of the 20 sculptures.

The fate of the Beasts varies quite a lot. In some cities the statue has been hidden away or even destroyed. It is striking that all 3 sculptures set up in France have disappeared. Some rumours suggest that the Beasts have transformed themselves into MPs. However, to the artist this explanation seems too far-fetched.

In other cities the Beast has found a prominent site. In Bonn it has even been incorporated in the German state’s art collection.

The anniversary was celebrated during the European Social Forum 12-15 November 2003 in Paris where two Beasts participated in the big manifestation accompanied by Survival of the Fattest and 14 Hunger Boys, see these in this brochure.

Mounting of one-ton heavy black concrete sculptures in famous places in twenty cities across Europe. The sculptures represent a pig in human clothes. The project has been called the biggest art happening in Europe. The purpose was, in an untraditional way, to focus on the increasing violence, intolerance, racism and persecution of minorities, that Europe is witnessing these years.

In November 1993 the twenty sculptures were erected within 55 hours without the knowledge of the authorities. The sculptures created a lot of commotion and debate  in political circles, in the press and in the public. In several places a permanent position has been found for the sculpture that was a gift to each city. More than 100 volunteers contributed to the happening.

Documentation: Various professional video programs (Danish TV) about the course of the happening all over Europe made by cameramen accompanying the happening. Leaflet about the reactions in each city.