On 21 May 2005:

Milan Beast Inaugurated

in the Esperanto Garden in Cormano, near Milan

In his inaugural address the mayor of Cormano, Mr Roberto Cornelli, criticised the municipal government of Milan, which had no understanding of the symbolism of My Inner Beast. Due to their narrow-minded outlook they had just confiscated the sculpture and for 11 years kept it sequestered in a municipal depot, until the Esperanto Association of Milan succeeded to redeem the Beast. It goes without saying that the Milan City Hall were conspicuous by their absence.

In his speech Mr Giovanni Conti, the owner of the Esperanto Garden, emphasized the affinity between the ideals of the Esperanto movement and the plea for tolerance symbolised by the My Inner Beast.

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MIB-IS in Milan
2005: International projects
Additional Information:
Themes: Racism
Sculptures: My inner Beast - concrete
Type: Overview
Dates: 1993 | 1994 | 2002 | 21st May 2005
Locations: Esperanto Garden of Giovanni Conti, Cormano (Milano), Italy | Milan, Italy | municipal magazine Gregorovius, Milan, Italy | Piazza Argentina, Milan, Italy
Co-operators and Helpers: Adriano Ciccioni | Daniela Benelli, Arts Councillor of the Provincial Government of Milan, 2005 | Ernesto Nobili | F. Vangelista, Culture Councillor of Cormano | Gianfranco Polerani, Milana Esperanta Klubo | Pierantonio BertÚ, President of Triennale di Milano | Roberto Cornelli, Mayor of Cormano (Milano), 2005
Partners: Giovanni Conti, Esperanto Garden in Cormano
Related Persons and Entities: City Hall of Milan | Claudio de Simini | Mayor of Milan (2002) Gabrielle Albertini | Roberto Villa | Salvatore Carruba, Councillor of Arts, Municipality of Milan | Stefano Zamponi | Ufficio Sequestri Comune di Milano