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Portrait of a sculptor



- a statement on children's rights

In November 2000 an art installation composed of 3000 unique castings of children's hands was set up in co-operation with Amnesty International. The purpose was to focus on the ill-treatment the grown ups of the future are exposed to in many parts of the world: hunger, child labour, military service prostitution, etc.

28 schools participated. The children made castings of their hands assisted by their teachers.

The hands were first exhibited on the Town Hall Square of Odense. It is now circulating in Denmark and abroad.

Our hands represent manifold symbolism. They are an indispensable part of our body language and dispose over an infinity of expressions. At the same time they are the most important tools of our body to feel and adapt to the world. We can use our hands to form fruitful social relations and to alter things. In this art installation these possibilities have come to a standstill, as the hands appear as paralysed or frozen.

The amount of hands has an overwhelming, maybe even threatening effect. At the same time each hand is unique and points at an individual life, which is abused or destructed.

The hands are stretched out. Are we willing to hold our hand out to them?

The hand must remain in the mould for 3 minutes until the material has hardened. Then it can be pulled out and the mould is ready for filling with concrete.