Ofício nº 53/2000 - GLDPT,
Brasilia, 05 April 2000

Application to the President of the Parlament on the putting up of the Pillar of Shame
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Mr President,

The International Day against Impunity is commemorated on 17 April; in several countries preparations are under way to mark this date.

Impunity is an international evil undermining the human rights of citizens in rich and poor countries, independently of religious faith, colour or sex. Having this in mind, Danish sculptor Jens Galschiot has created the Pillar of Shame, an eight metres high sculpture that is serving as an accusation against impunity. The piece of art has been inspired by the assassination of 19 landless peasants in Eldorado de Carajás, Pará, on 17 April 1996.

As homage to those peasants and thousands of others engaged in the struggle for the land all over the world, and as an act of solidarity with the victims of impunity in Brazil, Jens Galschiot has donated the sculpture to the Brazilian people.

On 9 April the Pillar will arrive in Rio de Janeiro where it will be received by the inhabitants of the city. From there it will proceed to Brasilia.

The exhibition of this important piece of art is a pacific and significant manifestation for highlighting the relevance of the date and the importance of expressing protest against this evil. Having this in mind, I apply for authorization to you, Mr President, that the Pillar of Shame be accepted by the National Congress and exhibited at water level, as symbolic act testifying that this Parliament is not conniving with impunity. The exhibition should have the duration of eight days, from 16 April. To make sure, I clarify that all expenditures for transport and mounting of the sculpture will be covered by the donator himself, so that will not be any expenses for the public purse.

I take this occasion to express my respect and esteem.


Senator Heloísa Helena

Leader of the Parliamentary Bloc of the Opposition

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