List of progress in the 20 cities



The first address under the name of each city belongs to the authority which were contacted by the artist immediately after putting up the sculpture in the city in question.

Fax on the day refers to a telefax with a letter sent to the mayors and the police and a press-release sent out just after the erection of the sculpture in each city (A copy is to be found under the list of FACTS).

November-material is a document sent out at the end of November to the mayors of the 20 cities. It explains in details about the happening and it's background, and also reveals the pseudonym "Cogito". As well the mayors are requested to display good-will and co-operation, whether in finding a new place for the sculpture or selling it and thereby donating the money to anti-racist purposes. Included was a video and further material on the remaining artwork of Jens Galschi t Christophersen. The same material was also sent to the Press of the 11 countries in which the happening took place.

Denmark is listed first; hereafter the countries in alphabetical order.

Denmark | Austria | Belgium | France | Germany | Holland | Italiy | Norway | Spain | Sweden | Switzerland

(Country code 45)


Mayor: Jens Kramer Mikkelsen
Gyldenløvsgade 4, 2.nd. floor.
1369 Copenhagen K
Ph: 33 66 33 66 (The municipal) or 33 15 50 18
Fax: 33 32 80 64

Progress: Put up in Raadhuspladsen, Tuesday Nov. 1993 at 8.17 am. Within 24 hours the sculpture was removed to the opposite side of the square, by orders of Peter Martinussen (Soc. democrat), the mayor of town planning. "Fax on the day" sent to the police and the mayor, and "November-material" sent as well. Answer of reply from Benthe Frost, mayor of municipal department, who - though emphasising that the municipal certainly do not accept an illegal erection of the sculpture - expresses her "respect of the artistic identification and the enormous resources of work put into the pro- ject". She continues:" I can only agree with the general message and at the same time be pleased that artistic efforts is concentrated on creating attention to this problem". On the initiative of Blaagaarden s Tenant's Association, the sculpture was moved to the square "Den R de Plads" in N rrebro where it is placed permanently. The official inauguration took place on March 1994, arranged by the Tenant's Association, with appearances by Tom McEwan, Jazz musicians and young immigrants from the association "Kiss Racism Good-bye". Until then the sculpture was placed on Raadhuspladsen. At the end of May the sculpture was exposed to vandalism, it was knocked over and the head was stolen. The artist made a new head, and the sculpture is now carefully bolted to the flagged square of N rrebro. The broken ears of the sculpture indicate though, that some still finds it quite provocative.
Press coverage: In Denmark there has been extensive and wide press-coverage of the happening: TV, both national and local radio, and most of the daily papers; Berlingske, Jyllandsposten, Information and BT during the days of the hap- pening. A journalist from Berlingske Tidende and one from the monthly magazine Press were following one of the routes and did day-to-day covering of the happening. Later frequent coverage in the local papers, TV and radio, e.g.; the weekly radio-magazine Reflex (P1), Danmarkskanalen, "Ugens G‘st" (P3), Ulvetimen, Transit, Polycrom (both DR TV), several features on TV2, for example a morning program with Ann Mariager and Bubber. Articles in several magazines; those of the Unions, the monthly maga-zine Press , Hjemmev‘rnsbladet etc.

HERE the sculpture is placed
Copenhagen's "inner Beast" belongs to the Tenant's Association "Bl†gaarden" and is now placed on "Den R de Plads", Korsgade (Blaagaards Plads), N rrebro.

RESPONSIBLE for the sculpture:
Tenants Association "Blaagaarden"
Ph.: 31 39 70 11
Chairman Jan Majfred
Ph: 31 35 80 09

Odense Pictures of the Inner Beast in this city
Mayor: Verner Dalskov (sitting mayor Anker Boye)
5000 Odense
Ph: 66 13 13 72
Fax: 66 13 92 09

Progress: Put up in Flakhaven in Odense, Tuesday Nov. 1993 at 2.39 PM. Removed within half an hour, but reerected the next day, after the matter was reconsidered by the municipal and the extent of the happening and name of the artist was known. "Fax on the day" and "Nov-ember-material " were sent to the mayor. The matter is discussed at a meeting in the Art fund of Odense city on Feb. 1994, and mayor Anker Boye says "no thanks" to the present and requests that the sculp-ture is removed. Letter of reply from Jens Galsch it Christophersen say-ing that it will not be removed, but another location might be found. This time the sculpture was put up in Klingenberg Plads by the Town hall in the city centre. The sculpture has been exposed to vandalism. The citizens of Odense suggest that the sculpture should be erected in the ZOO, where it would fit in with the other animals, and remind us about the beast within ourselves. The director of the ZOO, Hans Aage Kofoed, "thanks no" to the sculpture,in a letter of March 22.nd. 1994, he doesn't think it "fi ts with the concept of the Garden". The local vicar preached on "the inner Beast" at christmas time, and on that occasion a model of the sculpture's head was brought to Otterup Church, near Odense, where it was placed in the pulpit.
Many others have, however, out of interest offered the "inner schwein-hund" of Odense a permanent place, e.g.: Kulturstedet 17:48, Tornbjerg-gaard Gymnasium in Odense and Slagelse Gymnasium on Zealand. The headmaster of Elsingore Gymnasium has applied for money from the Com-mittee of Culture in Frederiksborg County, to buy an "inner Beast", for erection on the grounds of the gymnasium. In august, 1994 a high school Tornbjerggaard gymnasium' wins the race. The school has chosen the theme: "The strange(rs)" - to work with in the following school year, and to symbolise this the sculpture is placed at the schools' main entrance. On the official in-auguration (August the, 1994) the mayor meets the artist, who re-minds the mayor of the city that when the school year is over, the ma-yor again has to consider where to place the inner Beast' of Odense.
Of course there has been an extensive local press coverage, as Odense is the hometown of the artist. E.g. an up to date coverage in "Fyns Stifts-tidende", during and after the hap-pening, as well as in other Fuenish newspapers. Several times Galsch it has been on local (TV 2-Fyn), on debate-programme with a refugee and a social scholar, Dominique Bouchet, in Radio Fyn, Odense Local Radio etc. Readers debate in the newspaper, Fyns Stiftstidende. Meetings on "Badstuen", "Natcafe" and in "Tids-mejeriet" with a lecture, debate and entertainment.

HERE the sculpture is placed:
Tornbjerg Gymnasium
(High School)
Sk‘rmhatten 15
Porstbox 528
5220 Odense S
Ph: 66 15 71 02
Fax: 66 15 71 54

RESPONSIBLE for the sculpture:
Untill June/July, 1996: Tornbjerg Gymnasiums Headmaster
Ms. Lene Pind.
Ph: 66 15 71 02 Fax: 66 15 71 54
There after Mayor
Mr. Anker Boye
Ph: 66 13 13 72
Officil Mr. Bjarne Christensen
Ph.: 66 13 13 72
Fax: 66 12 92 09

*Mayor Anker Boye
Ph: 66 13 13 72
*The ZOO
Director Hans Aage Kofoed
Ph: 66 11 13 60 Fax. 65 90 82 82

*Helsingør Gymnasium
Borgmester P. Christensensvej 3
3000 Helsing r
ATT: Mr. Carl Peter Knudsen

*Radio Fyn
Nana Ziegler and Per Fogt
Ph: 63 15 77 00

Mayor Torkild Simonsen
Town hall
Raadhuspladsen 2
8000 Aarhus C
Ph.: 89 40 20 00

Progress: Put up Tuesday Nov. 1993 at 7.43 PM by the Town hall. The sculpture was permitted to stay there. "Fax on the day" sent to the mayor, plus "November-material" . Letter of reply on Dec. 1993 in which mayor , Torkild Simonsen, writes that:" Aarhus, due to matters of principle, can not accept the present", but that the artist can collect, or find another receiver for the sculpture. In co-operation with "Kaospiloterne" in Aarhus, we are now trying to find a new place for the "inner schwein-hund" of Aarhus, where amongst others a gymnasium and a business-man are interested. An enquiry to Aarhus Art museum was replied by director Jens G. Soerensen: "The message of the sculpture was of such strong character that it would be a disregard of the sculpture, if it could not live a life of it's own, but was placed in the aesthetic limits an art mu-seum represent. We definitely think that the sculpture should be erected at a place, where it has it's own space, enabling a strong visi-bility in the city, as a reminder to the citizens". Finally the sculpture got it's permanent placement in a park: The Frichspark near a housing estate. Press coverage: Aarhus Stifttidende and local papers. Radio and TV:
(Look under other cities.)

RESPONSIBLE for the sculpture:
Mr. Olav De Linde
Søren Frichsvej 38 A
Ph: 86 15 42 44

HERE the sculpture is placed:
Permanently in Frichsparken.

Herning Pictures of the Inner Beast in this city
The mayor.
Att. Mr. G. Schmidt Madsen
Torvet 1
7400 Herning
Ph: 97 21 16 64
Fax: 97 21 38 58

BProgress: Was put up in front of "Team Teatret" Tuesday Nov. 1993 at 9.45 PM. The sculpture has been permitted to stay here until Jan. 1995. At the moment the city council are discussing where the sculpture should be placed permanently. "Fax on the day" sent to the mayor and the police, plus "November-material" to the mayor's office. There has been a pretty good local press coverage. Also look under the other Danish cities.

RESPONSIBLE for the sculpture:
Team Teatret
Betaniagade 6-8
7400 Herning
att.: Ole Sejersen
Ph: 97 12 55 77

HERE the sculpture is placed:
As above.

In Struer and environs the "inner Beast" has been reason for a vehement debate in the newspapers, rolling back and forth in the North-jutlandic press. It all started when the chairman of the Socialist Folk party, Erik Roesgaard, suggested the city council, it should get an "inner Beast" to the city. It should be a reminder of the alarming fact that the party "Holger Danskes" (Radical right winged), run by Kaj Villy Villadsen, got enough votes to enter the city council. In the beginning Roesgaard was supported by three local members of the workers union ( SID' and KAD'), while on the other side, the local chairman of "Fremskridtspartiet " (very right winged party) amongst others inter-vened in the debate which, as weeks passed by, became more and more disingenuous. In the end the discus-sion was almost exclusively about, who was going to pay for the sculp-ture ...the taxpayers or....
Jens Galschi t Christophersen there-fore declared that it shouldn't be a question of money, and the sculpture could be purchased at a symbolic amount. Never the less, the city council did not want to erect the sculpture. But The "inner schwein-hund" is going to Struer anyway, in connection with an exhibition in August, planned independently of the reader's debate.

Mr. Egon Roesgaard.
Bettevej 1 B
7600 Struer
Ph: 97 85 43 75

(Country code 43)

Mayor: Romuald Niescher
(Der Brgermeister von der Stadt Innsbruck Amt der Tyroler Landessregierung - Laandhaus)
6021 Innsbruck
Ph: 51- 2 53 60
Fax: 51- 2 56 73 26

Progress:for 24 hours and is then removed by the Put up at Landstheater, Nov. at 1.30 PM. It stands here fire-squad, under surveillance of the police. Now it's placed in a municipality storeroom, as far as we know. The fire-squad is still in charge. "Fax on the day" and "November-material" is sent to the mayor. Mr. Burmann from the depart-ment of culture, at the municipality, informs us that they are trying to find a permanent location for the sculpture. They are well disposed towards the idea and would like more information - hence the sculpture is in good hands! Two months later everything's cleared! At a council-meeting in February 1994, it's decided that they want to erect the sculpture. We receive a letter from the mayor, where he expresses his thanks for the sculpture and invites Jens Galschi t Christophersen to come to Innsbruck for the official erection. It took place the 1. 12, 1994 where the sculpture was put up in the park of the city: The Rapoldi-park. Press coverage:"Kurier" and several smaller newspapers, during the days Articles and notices in "Tiroler Tages Zei-tung", of the happening. On Dec. `93 and Jan. `94 notices in "Tiroler Tages Zeitung" and Viennan Paper "Alles" respectively. The decision of the council and the mayor has been discussed in the papers as well as the official erection was commented on. The event was also covered by the radio.

for the sculpture:
Mr. Burmann (the council's address). Ph: 51 - 25 53 60
or Mayor Romuald Niescher

HERE the sculpture is placed:
Rapoldi park Innsbruck.

(Country code 32)


Mayor Mr. Bob Cools
Crote Markt 1
2000 Antwerpen
Ph.:3 - 220 82 11 or 3 - 220 82 05

Progress: Put up in Groen Plaats, Monday Nov. 1993 at 5.25 am. Was removed the same day, after 2 hours. "Fax on the day" was sent to the mayor and the police, plus "November-material" to the mayor on the Stadhuis. The munici- pality has been contacted several times and we have sent on to various officials and museums, where none really knows, who's responsible or where the sculpture is. Material has been sent to the museums, who is not intending to follow-up on the matter. Confusion rules in the former European City of Culture. A phone call to the police and the lost-property office on February 1994 gave no results. The man at the lost-property office suggest we write the mayor and ask where the sculpture is! As far as we know there has been no press coverage.

RESPONSIBLE for the sculpture:
Mr. Neauwdorp: Ph: 3-232 39 20

HERE the sculpture is placed:
Horbouvillekaai 45
2000 Antwerp

Other contacts:
*Stadt Antwerp
Kunsthistorische Museum
ATT: Menno Meewis, Wetenschappelijh Assistent
Middelheimlaan 61
2020 Antwerp 2
Ph: 3 - 827 15 34. Fax: 3 - 825 28 35
*Museum office in Antwerp. Att. Mr. Denys. Ph: 3 - 23 28 428
*Police in Antwerp Ph: 3 - 202 55 11

Mayor: Damaret
L Hotel de Ville
Grand Place
1000 Brussels
Ph: 2-513 46 35

Progress: Put up in Grand Place, Monday Nov. 1993 at 7.50 am. We have not been able to extract information about how long the sculpture was erected in Grand Place. "Fax on the day" was sent to the mayor's office, plus "November-material" . It is the master of the guild, Mr. Thielemans, who is res-ponsible. At the moment he is trying to find a permanent place for the sculpture and he has all the material. The case is now been handled by a Mrs. Lemesre. As far as we know there has been no press coverage.

RESPONSIBLE for the sculpture:
Mrs. Lemesre. The culture department. Ph: 2 - 513 32 57 or
512 28 56
The municipal: Ph: 513 46 35

HERE the sculpture is placed
Mrs. Lemesre knows or maybe her secretary Mr. De Ville

(Country code 33)

Paris Pictures of the Inner Beast in Paris
Mayor: Jacques Chirac
Hotel de Paris
75004 Paris
75 196 RP
Ph: 1- 42 76 40 40
Fax: 1 - 42 22 02 62 (?)

Progress: Put up Monday Nov. 1993 at 4.28 PM in Place de la Bastille. It's unknown, how long it was standing there. "Fax on the day" and "November-material" was sent to the mayor. Jan. 1994 we received a letter from the mayor's office informing us that the matter is han-ded over to the department of culture, to a Mr. Aillagon. Several times Paris has been called and written to. Different administration offices and departments have apparently dealt with the matter, without anyone real-ly knowing what to do. On February Mr. Aillagon s secre-tary, Stefan Carrayrou, calls asking for photos of the sculpture, so as to investigate the matter. A photo plus newspaper-cuts is sent in late Feb. In June 1994 we get an answer from N”elle Chabert, that they are not in-terested in making an exhibition! We write back that all we want to know is what happened to the sculpture. So far no positive reply has appeared. In France, as one of the only countries, there has been no press coverage.

RESPONSIBLE for the sculpture:
Affaires Culturelles Ville de Paris
Dep. Artes Plastiques
Att. Stefan Carrayrou
31, Rue de Francs Bourgois
75004 Paris
Ph: 42 76 63 72 (Carrayrou) or
42 76 66 76 (Chabert)

HERE the sculpture is placed:
Stefan Carrayrou or N”elle Chabert knows - perhaps!

Lyon Pictures of the Inner Beast in Lyon
Prefekture de Region
14 Bis Quai Serrail
106 Rue Pierre Corneille
66419 Lyon
Cedex 03
Ph: 72 61 60 60
Fax: 72 00 21 03

Progress: Put up Tuesday Novem-ber 1993 at 12.30 PM, near Hotel de Ville (Townhall). The sculp-ture was removed the same day, and was moved to a storage of the municipality. "Fax on the day" and "November-material" is sent to the mayor's office. No one in the city council wishes to comment on the matter, they refer to a Mr. Simon, who is in charge of the municipal storage. A Mr. Michel Noir, from the munici-pal, is said to be responsible for the sculpture. Press coverage, as in the rest of France: None!

RESPONSIBLE for the sculpture:
Hotel de Ville
Att. Michel Noir. Ph: 78 27 71 31

HERE the sculpture is placed: Atelier Ville de Lyon
Mr. Simon. Ph: 78 37 00 77.
Fax: 72 00 97 84

Marseilles Pictures of the Inner Beast in Marseilles

Mayor: Prefekture de Region
Pl. Felix Baret
13282 Marseilles
Cedex 03
Ph: 91 57 20 00

Progress: Put up Tuesday Novem-ber 1993 at 6.50 PM near Hotel de Ville, from which, as far as we know, it was removed the follow-ing day. "Fax on the day" and "No-vembermaterial" has been send to the mayor's office. Several calls to the city reveals that no one knows any-thing. New material is sent and after two months a reminder. A Ms. Breton, from the municipal, suggests that a sculpture put up illegally might have been destroyed.
Press coverage, as in the rest of France - None!

RESPONSIBLE for the sculpture:
Direction Des Affaire Culturelles
ATT: Christine Breton
38 Rue St. Ferreol
60 001 Marseille
Ph: 91 33 03 00

HERE the sculpture is placed:
Ms. Breton knows- perhaps!

(Country code 49)

Generel TV-covering in Germany
The event has been commented on the news and the inner Beast sculpture has been and is still used as a symbol in different contexts.

Berlin Pictures of the Inner Beast in Berlin

Mayor: Eberhart Diepgen (šberbrgermeister )
Der Senat von Berlin
Berlin Rathaus
D- 1020 Germany
Ph: 30- 22 82 69 50/22 82 40 10
Fax: 30- 26 95 20 15

Progress: Put up, Thursday Nov. 1993 (as the only one that day, and the last one of the hap-pening) at "Brandenburger Tor" at 10.15 PM. As far as we know it was standing here till mid. January (sour-ce Danish TV2). "Fax on the day" and "November-material" sent to Berli-ner Rathaus. Letter from "Senatsver-waltung fr Soziailes" received Dec. They have received our mater-ial, but refuse the possibility of an exhibition. However matters are han-ded over to "Senatsverwaltung fr Kulturelle Angelegenheiten", who on Dec. 1993, informs us that the case has been handed over to "Sen-atsverwaltung fr Bau- und Woh-nungswesen"!! Phone-contact with Ms. Nottmeyer, on Feb. 22.nd `94, who is from the department of cul-ture. She has never heard of the "in-ner Beast", let alone it's pla-ced at Brandenburger Tor. Some ma-terial is sent to her (newspaper cuts, copy of press-release and "Novem-bermaterial" ). She promises to look into the matter - which she hasn't yet done! We press for an answer on April 1994. Since then the inner Beast case has passed through at least 5 different Berlin council departments and 9 different persons of authority has been in charge. No one can tell us what has happened to the sculpture. It is through a private contact we finally get the information, that the sculpture remained in front of the Branden-burger Tor until the beginning of February, 1994. It has been removed to a storeroom at Alexanderplatz. The bill (551 DM) has been paid by some office (the bezirksamt') which is now in charge of the sculpture.

Press coverage: TV features during, and after, the happening. Many newspaper- -articles all over Germany, incl. photos.

RESPONSIBLE for the sculpture:
Mrs. Elfriede Mller (officially in charge)
K”thener Strasse 44
1000 Berlin 61
Ph: 261 11 91

HERE the sculpture is placed: Store room: Bezirksamt Mitte von Berlin
Abteilung bau- und Wohnungswesen
Alexanderplatz 1
10178 Berlin

The office/administration:
Att: Mrs. Gruhle
Rosa-Luxemburg Strasse 18
10 178 Berlin

Bonn Pictures of the Inner Beast in this city

Mayor: Hans Daniels (šberburgermeister)
D - 53111 Bonn
Ph: 228- 771

Progress: Put up, Monday Nov. 1993 at 4.08 am, at "Kunst Museum". As it turns out the sculpture is placed on the grounds of "Kunst- und Austellungshalle der Bundesrepublik Deutschland". In a letter of Dec. 1993, the Kunst Museum informs us, had the sculpture been placed on the grounds of the museum, it would have been remo-ved. "Fax on the day" and "Novem-bermaterial" is sent to the Kunst Museum, who sends a copy to Kunst- und Austellungshalle. We are in-formed, on Dec. 1993, that the sculpture has been standing - untouched - in front of the museum for a month, but has now been moved to the South side of the building - though still visible to the audience. In a letter from March 1994, we are informed that the sculpture is now permanently placed at the above mentioned location. No plans of removing it, if so we'll be informed. Press coverage: There has been no press in Bonn, concerning the sculpture.

RESPONSIBLE for the sculpture: Mr. Hubert Ringwald
Kunst- und Austellungshalle der Bundesrepublik Deutschland
Friedrich-Ebert Allee 4
53113 Bonn
Ph: 228- 91 71 0.
Fax: 228- 23 41 54

HERE the sculpture is placed:
Permanently in the garden surrounding the Kunst- und Austellungshalle
der Bundesrepublik Deutschland.

Munich Pictures of the Inner Beast in this city

Mayor: Christian Ude (šberburgermeister)
Marienplatz 8
80331 MunichPh: 89 - 23 31

Progress: Put up, Wednesday Nov. 1993 at 7.15 PM, at Marien Platz. Moved the following morning. "Fax on the day" and "November-material" sent to the mayor, who threatens the artist, through the press, to pay the rather large bill of expenses the munici-pality spent on the removal, should he ever make his way to Munich. Later a Ms. Lange, from the muni-cipality, calls us to inform us that 5-6 private investors have shown interest in the sculpture. Whether the money will then go to anti-racist purposes is uncertain. After negoti-ations with the artist, the sculpture is handed over to a Ms. Kastenmiller, who collects pigs from all over the world, at the sum of: The expenses of the municipality! Heidi Kastenmiller is very pleased with the sculpture, which she has baptised Edward' - it is the biggest item in her collection. As well she agrees with the message of the happening. At the end of April she made a happening in her garden, where to Galschi t was invited. The sculpture is the subject of many a discussion amongst the by-passers, she says. The South German "inner Beast" was the first to be "sold". And imagine - to a collector! Press coverage: There has been articles and notices in many newspapers.

RESPONSIBLE for the sculpture:
For the council: Mrs. Lange
Baureferat fr strassen und ”ffentliche angelegenheiten.
Ph: 89-233 92 716
Fax: 89- 233 97 60

HERE the sculpture is placed:
Privately at;
Heidi Kastenmiller
Tannestrasse 23
85579 Neubiberg
Ph: 89 - 60 14 031

(Country code 31)

Amsterdam Pictures of the Inner Beast in Amsterdam

Mayor: E. Van Thijn (resigned 1/2-94)
Amsterdam City Hall
Amstel 1
1011 PN Amsterdam
Ph: 20-624 11 11
Fax: 20-552 31 00

Progress: Put up, Monday Nov. 1993 at 6.15 am, in Dam Plaats. The sculpture was permitted to stay all 14 days, but then moved to a subdivision of Amsterdam municipality. It's now placed in one of the municipality storerooms. "Fax on the day" and "November-material" has been send to the mayor. There is some confusion at the municipality, as to how long the sculpture was erected in Dam Plaats. We have spo-ken to different press-representatives from the municipality, who don't know anything at all, and therefore we sent them a new supply of mater-ial. The latest official bulletin is from press-rep. Maarten Lekkerkerker, who informs us that the municipality does not intend any further action on the matter, but wishes us good luck, with the planned erection of the sculpture in Mos-cow. We write back April 1994, replying that we find it pecu-liar that a city like Amsterdam nei-ther can nor will find a place for a sculpture of such importance. Press coverage: Large photos on the front-page of newspapers in Amsterdam and Rotterdam. Letters to the editor, articles in Feb. about the municipality storeroom, which houses -amongst other things - a "run-away inner Beast". The article tells that a kind of lost property auction is going to take place. Besides that the sculpture has been used as a symbol on TV.

RESPONSIBLE for the sculpture:
Municipality's department of culture
Ph: 552 34 12
or att: Maarten Lekkerkerker
Amstel 1
1011 PN Amsterdam
Ph: 552 91 11 Fax: 621 55 50

HERE the sculpture is placed: The municipality storeroom
Ph: 20-596 23 18 Fax: 20-596 42 06

(Country code 39)

Milan Pictures of the Inner Beast in Milan

Mayor: Marco Formentini
P. della Scala 2
Plazzo Marino
20121 Milano
Ph: 2- 62 36/65 48 04
Fax: 2- 72 00 14 83

Progress: Put up in "Piazza Argentina", Tuesday Nov. 1993 at 10.42 PM. According to Ms. Simona Garabelli from the munici-pality, the sculpture was removed after half an hour. It is now placed in one of the storerooms of the muni- cipality. "Fax on the day" and "No-vembermaterial" is sent to the muni-cipality. On Feb. 1994 Ms. Garabelli informs us that it has been translated and sent to the mayor and the mayor of culture. Nobody wishes to answer or comment on the matter. Press coverage: There has been large articles in the newspapers, e.g. in Torino; they were bringing interviews with philosophers and art experts, who reckon the happening must be performed by a German artist, due to the exact execution! Moreover a blond girl has been seen in connection with the erection! The sculpture, placed only three houses from the residence of one of the jud-ges, who judged in the case of The red Brigades' was checked for bombs because they feared that the sculpture contained such! Two articles in the Milan newspapers. Furthermore rumours that the "inner schwein-hund" has been on TV. In August 1994 we receive a letter from Mr. Sergio Colombo, the department of culture, who is now in charge of the case, telling that the sculpture is seized by the administration.

RESPONSIBLE for the sculpture:

Culture department. Mr. Dr. Sergio Colombo
Settore Cultura e spettacolo
Comune di Milano
Via T Marino, 7
20121 Milano
Ph.: 2 - 86 46 40 94
The mayors office
Att: Simona Garabelli
Ph: 2- 62 36 or the Municipality Information: Ph: 2- 876 46 01 71

HERE the sculpture is placed:
They know that at the Municipality office

(Country code 47)


Mayor: Ann-Marit S„bl”nes
Oslo Kommune (Municipality)
0037 Oslo
Ph: 22-86 16 00

Progress: Put up, Monday Nov. 1993 at 5.40 am, in Eidsvolls Plats, in front of the Norwegian parliament. The sculpture remained here till the next day, when it was moved by the Oslo municipality. It is now placed in a storeroom. The matter has been handled by the town council's department of culture. They decided, after enquiry to several art-collections, that the sculpture will not be given a permanent place, because it lacks "artistic quality"! If anybody claims it back, it'll be han-ded over. Should any further action be taken, concerning the sculpture, it will be a political decision. We haven't received anything written. "Fax on the day" plus "Novembermaterial" has been sent to the mayor's office. Moreover a letter has been sent, on Feb. 2.nd. 1994, to the department of culture at Oslo city council.
Press coverage: "Arbeiderbladet" has published a rather large article. At the end of Nov., a notice with photo appeared in the paper "VG", with an interview (Jon Selos). Norwegian TV has shown some pictures of the "inner Beast" in connection with a debate on whether it should be moved or not!

RESPONSIBLE for the sculpture:
Johannes Jaaastad
Kulturafdelingen Oslo Byr†d
Ph: 22- 86 16 06

HERE the sculpture is placed:
Johannes Jaastad knows!

(Country code 34)

Barcelona Pictures of the Inner Beast in Barcelona

Mayor: Pascual Maragall
Ayuntamiento de Barcelona
Plaza Sant Jaume
Ph: 3-402 70 00/3-402 73 89 (Angela B. The press representative.)

Progress: Put up in "Plaza Rei Juan Carlos I" near Passeig de Gracia, Wednesday Nov. 1993 at 12.00 am. Here the identity of "Co-gito" is revealed - Jens Galschi t Christophersen! A rather large press appearance was arranged; photographers from Reuters, the Spanish Press bureau, a couple of TV-stations and some newspapers. A champagne toast was made after the sculpture was unveiled. Galschi t is interviewed by TV and some newspapers. The sculpture is removed Nov., du-ring the afternoon, to a storeroom in the basement of Ayuntamiento de Gracia (the city council). "Fax on the day" plus "November-material" is sent to the mayor. Moreover a letter is delivered to the mayor's private address in person. It hasn't been possible to get an official comment from the municipality, in spite of several contacts with the press re-sponsi- ble. A photographer from EFE - a Spanish Press bureau, has investigated the possibility of erecting the sculp-ture in Castelldefels, a small town near Barcelona. It was rejected by the local council. Daniel Romani, a mu-nicipality's press-rep., takes over the case. Almost a year after the first erection a letter tells us that the sculpture is placed permanently in a park in Districte de Les Corts'. An active official Mr. Jordi Pacheco i Canals has worked on the case. The official inauguration was at Oct. the 12, 1994 where the artist was repre-sented by Danish Eva Kj‘r, who has participated in the happening and is living in Barcelona.
Press coverage: Nov., 2-3 min. spot on TVE (largest TV-channel in Spain) on the evening news, and TV3 (an "independent", commercial channel). Two news-papers have one small and one large article. One paper, "Nou Diari" has a follow-up the next day. Also an artic-le in an independent magazine. At the official inauguration a local TV covered the event.

RESPONSIBLE for the sculpture:
* Disctricte de les Corts
Ms.. Teresa Perell¢ i Domingo
Regidora Presidenta de Consell Municipal
Pla‡a Comas 18
08028 Barcelona
Ph: 3 - 411 26 25 Fax: 3 - 330 47 41
* Jordi Pacheco i Canals
Conseller-Portaveu del Distircte (spokesman of the local area).
Ph: 3 - 412 00 88

HERE the sculpture is placed
In a park near C/ Torrent Gornal, s/n

The photographer Albert (EFE) Ph: 3-484 38 19 Fax: 3-665 33 26
Angela Benin, press representative. of the mayor Ph: 3 - 402 73 89
Culture department. Mayors office Ph: 3 - 318 58 87

(Country code 46)


Mayor of culture: Anna Lindh
Stockholm Kommune
Hantverkergatan 1
S - 10535 Stockholm.
Ph: 8-785 92 41
Progress: Put up, Monday Nov. at 7.45 PM, on Drottnings-gatan in Stockholm (near parliament). The sculpture is still placed on this location. At a meeting, Feb. 22.nd. 1994, the council decides, after a long discussion, that the sculpture will be removed. The rea-son is the belief that the happening is no longer running. It was fine as an element of surprise, but a permanent placement will make it loose effect. "Fax on the day" and "Novem-bermaterial" is sent to the mayor. We are later referred to the Chancellery of Art, who now has the case, and will decide whether to buy or sell the sculpture. Letter of March 1994, informs us that the council will not find a permanent place for the sculpture. It's agreed with Mr. Kaj Larsson of the Chancellery of Arts, that if a buyer can be found, the council will be satisfied. Press coverage: No newspapercoverage, but the TV-news had a feature. More-over the sculpture has been used as a symbol in various connections.

RESPONSIBLE for the sculpture: Kaj Larsson (Chancellery of Arts)
Stockholms Kunstr†d
Torkel Knutssonsgatan 2
11825 Stockholm
Ph: 8-668 51 93/669 82 08
Fax: 8- 84 42 68

Here the sculpture is placed:
Kaj Larsson will know - probably moved to a storeroom!

(Country code 41)

Zurich Pictures of the Inner Beast in this city

Mayor: Stadtspr„sident Zürich
Stadthaussquai 17
8001 Zürich
Ph. 1- 216 31 11

Progress: Put up in Wein Platz, Tuesday Nov. 1993 at 11.32 am. It stays here about 14 days. Nov. a newspaper writes that it is only a matter of days, before the police will remove it. "Fax on the day" and "November-material" is sent to the mayor. After being refer-red from one department to another, several times, we realise the sculp-ture was in Wein Platz a few days only. It is now placed in a store-room. From Mr. Hobe at the munici-pality, we are referred to Ms. Marie Louise Lienhart, who is a lecturer in visual arts. She informs us that the sculpture is placed at Verwaltungs-polizei (police) and that she is responsible. Press coverage: Notices in at least 4 newspapers, with large photos.

ESPONSIBLE for the sculpture:
Marie Louise Lienhart:
Ph: 1 - 251 61 77 or
Mr. Hobe. Ph: 1 - 216 31 21

HERE the sculpture is placed:
Ph: 1 - 216 71 11
Att: Stabsunterofficer Bruno Schl„pfer



Mayor: Christian Grobet
(Mairie Geneve-Ville)
Rue H“tel de Ville
1211 Geneva
Ph: 22 - 318 11 11 Fax: 22-28 43 82

Progress: Put up in front of the UN-building at the main entrance, Tues-day Nov. 1993 at 7.20 am. It is reported that it was placed there a few days, but we don't know for exactly how long. "Fax on the day" and "No-vembermaterial" is sent to the ma-yor. A letter is received on Nov. 1993, from the mayor telling us that "unfortunately the sculp- ture has disappeared". Complains can be addressed to the UN or the City coun-cil, depending on whose ground the sculpture was on. At long last, after lots of correspondence, Mr. Bosson turns out to be responsible for the sculpture. He feels very guilty about the "disparu" (disappearance) of the sculpture, and so far his searching has been in vain. Press co- verage: As far as we know, there has not been any press coverage in Geneva. Yet we know, from the secretary of the Danish ambassador, that the sculp-ture has been seen by all the diplo-mats, who frequent the UN-building daily - and that's quite a few!

RESPONSIBLE for the sculpture:
Mr. Bosson. Ph: 318 12 05
or: Michel Rosetti
Maire de la Ville de Geneve
Rue de l Atthen‚e 7
1211 Geneve 12
Ph.: 22 - 318 11 11 Fax: 347 20 13

1200 Geneva
Ph: 22 - 907 12 34
Geneva-police dep.
Fax: 22 - 301 34 91

HERE the sculpture is placed:
Well - that's the problem in Geneva - they don't know!

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