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- stage setting for the performance ELYSIUM.
A coherent installation shaped as a holy cathedral with archetypical characters connecting to our concept of the original religious dimension of man, understood as the encounter between male and female, life and death, nature and culture. The stage was set up in a 500-m2 big darkened hall in Galschiøt's workshop. The arrangement consisted of the cocoon shields, gas torches, totem like copper sculptures, water fountains, archetypical copper sculptures, 24 tons of sand, 20 tons of stones, cloth, light effects etc. - in addition paintings of the surrealist Bjoern Haugaard. The performance included more than 50 dancers, actors and musicians. The project was supported among others by the Cultural Foundation in 1995.

Documentation: two professional video programs (TV2). Book with photos and an interview.

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1995: Elysium
Additional Information:
Categories: 1995: Elysium | Events and Exhibitions | Performances / Scenographies
Type: Documents
Dates: 1995
Locations: Gallery Galschiot, Odense, Denmark
Co-operators and Helpers: Anders Brønserud, fotograf | Anders Jessen, lysteknik | Anne Toft, tekstredigering | Bjørn Eriksen, dramatiker | Bjørn Haugaard, scenografi | Burkhard Winster, lysteknik | Caroline Bering, instruktør | Clausen Offset ApS, tryk | Didde Christensen, kostumeværksted | Dorthe Magård, kostumeværksted | Flemming Stephansen, tekstværksted | Gitte Jørgensen, tekstværksted | Hanne Poulsen, kostumeværksted | Helma Roeleven, kostumedesign | Inge Strandby, teaterpædagog | Jakob Glad, grafisk layout | Jan Jepsen, lyd | Jens Klastrup, lysdesign | Jens Peter Madsen, lysteknik | Jens Stougaard, fotografassistent | Jesper Skau, tekstværksted | Johan Toft, komponist | Lars Mikkelsen, fotograf | Lene Måneblomst, kostumeværksted | Linda Brosbøl, korleder | Lisa Renner, koreografi | Metha Johansen, kostumeværksted | Stig Hansen, lysteknik | Susse Foged, teaterpædagog | Vibeke Hemme Rolsted, tekstværksted
Partners: 17:48 | Bjørn Haugaard, scenografi | Den Rytmiske Aftenskole | Inge Strandby
Sponsors: 17:48 | Baggårdsteatret | BP gas | Coca-Cola | DATS | Den Rytmiske Aftenskole | Fyns Kranudstyr | Gadesjakket | Kulturfonden | Musikladen | Odense Internationale Musikteater | Odense Kaserne | Odense Kommune | Odense Kommunes Erhvervstræningsskole | Odense Skiklub | Odense Teater | Skuespillerskolen | Skægspire | Slagtøjsspecialisten | Team-Teateret | Tuborgfondet | Undergrunden | Vintapperteatret