8th of march 1995
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Pictures from the happening


It´s the 3rd. day of the UN-summit and the floppy-dolls hung up in Copenhagen on Monday have created both fuss and attention. Press-coverage has been extensive and we´ve seen headlines like."Even when you´re dead you´re in the way", as the Danish paper Informationen wrote on Tuesday! But it was meant as support for the general message of the happening. This morning you could read in the Danish paper B.T that even president Clinton´s wife Hilary Clinton had noticed and commented on the dolls on a stroll down the pedestrian mall in the centre of Copenhagen. We just hope she brings the message back to her husband....

From an activist´s point of view.

Several happening-activists have made their way around Copenhagen, experiencing various responses from the "(wo-)man in the street". A warm feeling hit the activists who went out to the University of Copenhagen, and were met with a round of applaus when they hung up the posters and distributed the certificates (each marking the life of a child).

Less understanding was shown an activist who was waiting for a lift at the subway station. He was about to enter when 5 women told him that they didn´t want to share the lift with those "dolls of bad taste". He kindly told them it was the symbol of dying children, and if they didn´t find that kind of death tasteless.... The women´s reply were: Not as tasteless as the dolls! One wonders if they´ve understood anything at all.... Another kind of negative attention is some person or group who have been writing: "and so what, nigger" on some of the dolls which hangs on one the squares. At least it´s a reaction and hopefully the person who wrote will brighten up a bit.

A couple of activists also went out to schools in Copenhagen and had really good feedback from the pupils and teachers. They were invited into the classrooms to tell about the happening and interesting discussions arose from this lecture on the UN-happening. How can the Western world help the children of the Third World, what is our obligation in the rich part of the world e.c.t. Quite a few teachers have decided to take up this issue in their education.

And the gates open...Tomorrow we are going to have a pressconference for the international press. We reckon it will extend the knowledge of both the UN-happening and AIDOH as such. When we spoke with the presscenter they told us that quite a few journalists had shown interest, hence tomorrow we can fill you in on more details - and do check your local paper on Friday!


We have just realised that a computernetwork called APC has a network service at the NGO. It is a network that works for the enviroment, Human Rights and Paece. We will stay in contact with APC.

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1995: The Silent Death - a happening at the UN Social Summit, Copenhagen
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