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2-3000 to the funeral


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On Saturday, October 7th thousands of people joint an unusual funeral in the centre of Odense, Denmark. The multi-artist Jens Galschiot drove his bronze statue on horse-drawn carriage from Flakhaven (the Town Hall sq.) to the harbour, where it was ceremoniously lowered into the water.

Saturday afternoon Jens Galschiot buried his Hans Christian Andersen statue into the harbour of Odense.

Several thousands of people had turned up at Flakhaven (the Town Hall square) to accompany the bronze statue to the harbour.

Here a crane lowered it into the water accompanied by horn music and speeches.
Finally, when the statue was in the water, only half of the head was sticking out of the water.

But multi-artist Jens Galschiot was very pleased:

“It has been amazing with all these people and the popular support. Now Hans Christian Andersen will just stay here until 2nd April. (the storyteller's birthday)”

And many people supported wholeheartedly the project, among others, Karen and Birthe Thrane“, who were not at all surprised by the large number of people:

“In Copenhagen they have got The Little Mermaid. We should at least have a Hans Christian Andersen here in Odense.”

Now the two ladies look forward to the birthday of Hans Christian Andersen. On that day the bronze statue will be taken out of the water again and put back on Flakhaven for one week, before returning to the water.

Whether the authorities will let it stay there until then is uncertain, however, because the artist has not got any permission to throw it into the harbor.


See photos from the funeral procession and drowning of Hans Christian Andersen in the harbour:

Contact the artist: +45 6618 4058, mobile +45 4044 7058

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Contact to the City Council of Odense: +45 6613 1372