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Odense, 1 May 2012

At our meeting we agreed that I should write something about what we are planning to do while in Kurdistan/Iraq:

1.     First of all we are going to look into the possibility of placing a ‘Pillar of Shame’-sculpture in Kurdistan, which is ment to be a symbol of Anfal. The sculpture is internationally renowned and is already a symbol of massacres and assaults on populations in China, Mexico and Brazil. By placing it in Kurdistan/Iraq it will bring the Anfal-massacre on the Kurdish population into a global conscience.

2.     Secondly we are going to travel around and participate in meetings with a variety of artist, culture people and others, to get a firsthand impression of culture and art in Kurdistan.

3.     Furthermore we want to look into the possibilities of building a bronze casting workshop in Iraq for Kurdish artists.

4.     Colette Galschiøt Markus has for some years had a project, where she works with a physical training program for treating tensions and traumas (PTSD). The purpose of the training is to reach women who have been abused or suffer from other traumatic experiences such as war, prison, torture etc. Colette Markus has already successfully given these kind of workshops in Mexico. While in Kurdistan she would like to give similar workshops. Hopefully this can lead to a future training program thus enabling local women to run these workshops with the benefit of releaving traumas and tensions. The name of this method is Trauma Releasing Exercises (TRE).


The reason why we are going to Kurdistan is that we have been invited by our good artist friends Niaz Al-Bayati and Avan Fatha Abdullah. They are also the ones planning with whom we shall meet, and what we are to experience in Kurdistan. 

In connection to our ambitions for making the bronze casting workshop there has, amongst other things, been planned a meeting with the First Lady of Iraq.

The Danish participants on the trip are:

Jens Galschiøt, Sculptor and creator of ‘The Pillar of Shame’

Colette Galschiøt Markus, psychotherapist and the wife of Jens Galschiøt.

Niels Madsen, TV-documentarist.  He will make a documentary about the trip and the meetings, which is to be shown on Danish national television.

We plan to be in Iraq from about May 23rd till about June 4th.


Yours sincerely,

Jens Galschiøt