A project focussing on poverty and refugees

In co-operation with the NGO Living Sea Jens Galschiot has rebuilt the fishing cutter M/S Anton to function as a refugeesí ship. On its tour the ship is touching harbours in Denmark and abroad. Suddenly a cutter filled to the brim with boat people appears in the middle of the harbour idyllic. In fact, the 70 passengers are not living humans, but sculptures cast in cupper.

The aim of the project is to highlight the looming disaster that weíll face when millions of people will be compelled to leave their homes heading for the West, as a consequence of the climate changes.

But, for sure, the ship will not just convey distressing messages. In each harbour local NGOs will have an opportunity to present their contribution to achieve the UNís 2015 goals of curbing poverty and hunger. In contrast to a widespread belief, there are plenty of successful stories in the field of development.


If you have any suggestions for harbours that could be suitable for a visit by the refugee ship,

contact skipper Knud Andersen,

















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