Dear Tom Allen and NGOs affiliated to BOND and Your Voice Against Poverty,


I have now got reactions from journalists from various parts of the world saying that they have all had contact to you, last from Ms Kathleen Smith Web-blogger from Berlin. All of them quote you for saying that the sculpture is not banned ant that there is no hindrance that sculpture be exhibited at the rally on 2nd June. So now I don't understand anything. As you know, Rainbo and I have sent various messages to you about the issue, and not at any time received a message that we can display the sculpture.


Moreover, some of the journalists quote you for saying, that I'm just striving for publicity in this affair. I can assure you, that it is not so. In fact, on various occasions, Rainbo and I, already from the beginning of May, have endeavoured to achieve a clear message that you will not insist on the absurd ban on the sculpture. I have hesitated quite a lot publishing the affair, to give you a chance to change your mind, so that the reputation of the grassroots should not suffer damage.


For the moment I have the hands full of projects in Nicaragua, Rostock and China, all of them sparking off plenty of publicity. So I have no need for wasting my time for futile disputes about censorship. Moreover I have two paid tickets for London for transporting the sculpture, that now seem to be useless.



So I'll ask you a simple and straightforward question:


Does BOND and Your Voice Against Poverty give your accept and permit to Rainbo to exhibit the sculpture of the Pregnant Teenager on the 2nd June Rally?


If we receive an affirmative answer to this question, we will pack the sculpture immediately and send it to London tomorrow morning (Thursday 31 May) and display it as planned at the rally.


I'll put this message and your reply on my homepage, see




Yours sincerely,


Jens Galschiot