Art – a powerful communication

A workshop showing how art can be used as a media for dialogue and social change

Time: Wednesday, 24 January, 11.30 to 2 pm

Site: WSF2007 Nairobi, venue 158, conference room no. 2 IN- lower

Organizers: AIDOH (Art In Defence Of Humanism), Danish Council on Social Welfare and the Dacapo Theatre, all from Denmark.


At the conference artists from Denmark, Uganda, Kenya and other countries will tell about how they use art – theatre, painting or sculpture – to highlight local and global issues. Come and hear the cases of how art is staked in the fight against corruption and racism, for the right to contra­ception, to further social change and dialogue.

The purpose of the conference is to provide inspiration and reflection on how best to strengthen this kind of work.

The conference will not just provide lectures and one-way communication, but we will arrange the meeting to ensure that everybody has the opportu­nity to interact beyond boundaries between countries and cultures, to get at grips with the potential of art. 


For more info:

Visit the sculpture of the crucified teenager at entrance 24

Call: 00254 (0)728 947 393 or 00254 (0)728 947 390

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Every day at 3 pm the Dacapo Theatre and the International Anti-Corruption Theatrical Movement (IACTM) are per-forming forum theatre at the sculpture.