G8 Aphorisms 2007



Nightmare thoughts about the climate



We know we’re sitting astride of the Globe.


We know it’s ready to drop under our weight.


We know our conduct is triggering an ecological catastrophe.


We know that a continued increase of the CO2 emission will boost the greenhouse effect and cause further soaring of the temperature.


We know that the rise of temperature will melt the permafrost and trigger an irreversible process releasing methane with even more rise of temperature as the result.


We know that the increase of temperature of just a few degrees will spark off an ecological chaos with draught, hurricanes and inversion of sea streams.


We know that the poles may melt and cause a rise of the water level so that inundation big areas will kill billions of people and animals.


We know it will be practically impossible to maintain human civilisation in such a climatic nightmare.


We know how to prevent the catastrophe. Despite of this we refuse changing our behaviour and conduct.


We know practically everything. Though we’re the most conscious and intelligent beings ever seen on Earth, we behave as stupid lemming on our way to our own annihilation.


This must be one of the most conscious suicides in the Universe.



         Jens Galschiot, G8 Summit, Rostock, May 2007

Jens Galschiot’s sculptures

displayed at the G8 Summit Rostock, 2007


Hunger March, 2001: 10 copper sculptures of starved children (170 cm). The March will appear as a mobile mani­fe­sta­tion in many demos during the G8 Summit in Rostock 2007. The sculptures have come to Rostock sailing on Opal, a big two-mast schooner.

Freedom To Pollute, Jens Galschiot 2002: The smoking Statue of Liberty was originally launched in connection to the climate summit in Johannesburg, 2002. Here the American president was conspicuous by his absence because he gave higher priority to his golf play while the rest of the world cared about the climate problems. The sculpture has come to Rostock sailing on Anton, a Danish fishing boat belonging to Living Sea.


This sculptural manifestation is carried out as a co-operation between Jens Galschiot, MS, (www.MS.dk), Danish Society For A Living Sea (www.levendehav.dk/uk/uk.htm) and Krakagaarden (www.krakagaarden.dk).




Jens Galschiot, Denmark, born 1954, sculptor. He stakes his art to defend the ethical values of our society, regardless of politi­cal, religious or economic interests. His sculptures sudden­ly appear in public areas and start the performance. Best known are My Inner Beast (European cities in 1993) and the Pillar of Shame (Hong Kong, Mexico and Brazil). Internet: www.aidoh.dk

The projects are financed through the sale of Galschiot’s bronze sculptures to art collectors all over the world. He has a huge industrial area in Odense, Denmark with a bronze foundry, gallery and workshop. Photos of all Jens Galschiot’s sculptures: http://sculptures.aidoh.dk


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