Appeal for co-operation about

Crucifixion of pregnant teenager

In the Name of God – a sculptural outcry about the right to contraception


In the Name of God is a sculptural comment to Christian fundamentalists’ impact on the anti-conception debate in the world. The aim is to highlight, by means of an art manifestation and exhibitions, the global debate on the right to contraception.

We need helpers and co-operators all over the world who agree on everybody’s right to information about contraception and resent the bible Fundamentalists’ lobbying to restrict the humanity’s choice about sexuality. The project takes no stand on questions such as abortion, stem cell research and the like.

The project radiates from Danish sculptor Jens Galschiot’s workshop – renowned for comprehensive global art manifestations highlighting societal issues, see

The sculpture to be used as an accelerator and a focal point of the debate is a beautiful ‘crucifix’ with a pregnant teenager cast in copper. A number of duplicates will be cast to enable the manifestation to be launched more or less simultaneously on various places. The 12 year old pregnant teenage girl is of natural size, about 1.5 m, the cross has various heights, from 2 to 5 m.

Lithographic print: To prop up the art manifestation, a big number of posters will be issued – with a colour photo of the sculpture on the front page, and on the rear side there will be a text explaining the campaign and the consequences of the fundamentalist sexual policy.

We envisage the following sites for exhibition of the sculpture:

·        An outstanding church in Copenhagen, Denmark: On 1. December 2006, international AIDS day, the sculpture will be set up in front of one of the most important churches in Denmark (Lutheran faith). We co-operate with the dean and the parish council that want to stress that ‘their God’ should not be instrumentalized for the ban on contraception.

·        Nairobi, Kenya: We will bring the sculpture to the World Social Forum starting on 20 January 2007 to launch the manifestation on the African continent. We’ll co-operate with theatre troupes from Uganda and Kenya who will display performances to fan a debate about the AIDS issue that is tragically hot in Africa.

·        Rome, Italy: We envisage to put up the sculpture for a period of time in front of the Vatican to point out that the Pope and the Catholic church are among the prime movers of the crusades against contraception. Subsequently it will be exhibited in Rome or some other place in Italy.

·        Texas, USA: We will exhibit the sculpture, preferably in a church context, to highlight the essential role of President Bush in hampering contraception policy. Afterwards the sculpture will make a tour around the USA.

These are our considerations so far. Plenty of other ideas will undoubtedly arise inspired by our co-operators. The possibilities are countless.

Economy: We are a private art workshop, completely independent of religious and political circles. The funding of our art manifestations is mainly provided by through sale of Galschiot’s sculptures to art collectors, so we have limited economical means. We are able to provide some organisation and make the sculptures, the poster, the flyers and the websites, and maybe a contribution to transportation. So we need co-operators with their own organisational framework and network that can be staked in this art manifestation to highlight issues of essential common interest – to them and to us.

Support: We envisage that liberal church congregations, women’s associations, AIDS prevention organisations, art collectives, theatre troupes, planned parenthood associations, political movements, art galleries and museums and many others who could be interested in joining this visual sculptural outcry.

If you are somewhat ensnared of the project, you might consider your possibilities of contributing to our initiative:

·        Arranging a tour in your country or just around your neighbourhood displaying the sculpture to fan a debate.

·        Translating various texts, posters, flyers, and perhaps also this appeal for co-operation, into your language.

·        Contacting persons or associations who might be interested in exhibiting the sculpture.

·        Highlighting our initiative in your neighbourhood and fanning a local debate.

·        Providing practical help for the local or global organisation of the happening.

·        By various means supporting this initiative to make it a global success, as a poignant art manifestation against the bible fundamentalists’ crusade against contraception and against the right to a sexual life without the intervention of a grumbling misanthropic God.


You’ll find the concept and photos of the creation of the sculpture at


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