The Other-Side project


                      It’s a program that comes to you every Sunday from Gallery Galschiøt. In order to watch this program you can go to Galschiot’s Facebook or Other-side from Gallery Galschiøt on YouTube.



·        What do you expect to see?

Jens Galschiøt working in his workshop, what happens to him, when he is working

How he does his work and his team in the workshop and in the gallery

You can see people who visit the workshop and what they think about him positive and negative opinion.


·        Every Sunday

You watch a new episode at 18:00 and you don’t just watch - you have a chance to win sculptures which were made by Jens and signed by him.


·        How do you win?

In order to win them you have to answer the questions. To get these questions go to Galschiot Facebook. Every third week we collect the names of the participants and we put them together in one box, then Jens himself choose the winner.


·        How to get your reward?

When you win a sculpture you don’t need to come for it, Jens will send it to you anywhere in the world.


·        First winner

Last week Lasse Jørgensen was the winner and now he has got a sculpture.


·        What do you have to do to win?

To win sculptures just participate by answering the questions and watching the Other-side from Gallery Galschiøt.



Good luck!!