Ismail Khayat

Ismail Khayat is Kurdistan’s topmost artist and has been a font of inspiration for the arts movement in his country, having taught it for four decades.

He has held several exhibitions, some even overseas.

Friendly and talented Ismail hails from the Iraqi section of Kurdistan, where he has been referred to as the “grandfather of Kurdish Art”.

Ismail Khayat spent almost a fortnight in Goa in February 2013, at the international artists camps “Save Your Planet” organised by Sweden’s Tellus Art in collaboration with the Department of Art & Culture, at the Stone-Water Eco Resort overlooking a small stretch of a beautiful beach south of Bogmallo.

Ismail paints on paper, canvas, wood and rock, the last being his favorite.

He makes sure that he selects picks up a local stone in whichever country he lands and converts it into an article of beauty.

Ismail told me, “We love our freedom and culture very much. We are very happy now.” He always has a message for peace for his land and always writes “Peace for Kurdistan” on stone.