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A project to highlight the violations of the human rights in China on the occasion of the Olympic Games in Beijing August 2008

The idea was both sophisticated and simple: We wanted to introduce The Color Orange as a symbol of the protest against the human rights violations in China. The strict censorship can ban the use of obvious symbols of human rights, but the use of The Color Orange cannot be banned.

So we encouraged sports people and spectators to make vast and creative use of the color for clothing and all sorts of accessories. It could be anything, like an orange hat, camera bag, tie, pen, paper, dress, suit, bag etc. Even pealing an orange could be a poignant statement.

The Pillar of Shame in Hong Kong is painted orange by democracy activists ahead of the 4th June commemoration of the Tiananmen Massacre.

Galschiot and his staff had come to Hong Kong to join the event but they were denied entrance by the migration authorities.