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Portrait of a sculptor



A crucifix for the right to contraception and sexual education

The copper sculpture depicts a pregnant teenager in natural size crucified on a big cross. It is a harsh comment to the impact of the fundamentalist branch of the Christian church, with former President Bush and the Pope in the lead, on contraception and sexual education. Women, including teenagers, bear the brunt of the disastrous consequences of the ban on condoms based on ´Christian´ morality

I say to you, whatever you did for one of these least brothers of mine, you did for me. (Matthew 25,40)


In the coming years the sculpture will be displayed at various sites all over the world. Sites of main priority are in front of the Vatican, in the European Parliament and somewhere in the USA.

Inauguration of the sculpture

The first sculpture was inaugurated on 1st December 2006, international AIDS day, in front of the Cathedral of Copenhagen. The sculpture immediately ignited a vivid debate on the Internet.

The Teenager was displayed in co-operation with the parish council and the Dean Anders Gadegaard who in his speech emphasized the responsibility of Christian churches for curbing the spread of AIDS.

WSF 2007, Nairobi, Kenya

The sculpture was launched globally at the World Social Forum. In Africa the Teenager has a special relevance due to the intense discussions about contraception and HIV/AIDS.

The Pregnant Teenager in Nicaragua

In May 2007, and once again in May 2008 the sculpture was the focal point of a campaign against the extremely restrictive abortion policy of the country. Due to this policy, enforced ‘in the name of God’, Nicaragua has an outrageous rate of maternal mortality.