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Portrait of a sculptor


A coffin was made for each of the starving boys. In real life many dying children are not even granted a coffin.

In the summer of 2002 a crowd of 27 starving African boys cast in copper started a tour throughout the country to protest against the government’s cutback of development aid.

Jens Galschiot launched the initiative in co-operation with the NGO Forum in Aarhus. Hundreds of volunteers took part in the creation of the sculptures in the artist’s workshop and subsequently in the mobilisation of the boys all over the country.

In March 2003 DanChurchAid was using the sculptures in their collection in support of children who have been left orphans due to AIDS.

The event takes inspiration from the movie The March from the 80-s in which a horde of starving people are marching towards the doors of Europe. They are compelled by the desire that the privileged people be forced to see them die.

The Hunger March is a reminder that if the world’s need and distress is not relieved, the desperate victims will some day be knocking on our door.

The starving boys are always ready to pitch into the job of campaigning for a more equitable distribution of the world’s resources, just contact the artist:

+45 6618 4058 - aidoh@aidoh.dk