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Portrait of a sculptor



Requiem for the World Bank's Victims

In September 2000 a funeral procession was performed in Prague by Danish Jubilee 2000 supporters in cooperation with Jens Galschiot. They were dressed in corpse costumes and carrying crosses. The occasion was the summit of the World Bank and the IMF. Twenty dark copper masks on 4 metres high poles shrouded in black, and a Pillar of Shame made of distorted faces; these were some of the ingredients of the event.

The aim of the manifestation was to highlight the responsibility of the IMF, the World Bank and the rich countries for the victims of globalisation: 7 million children die each year as a result of the way the rich countries undermine social development in the poorest countries, according to the United Nations.

The Messenger

Throughout the summit the 5 metre high female Messenger from the South was exhibited on the central square Marianske Namesti to remind the public and the decision makers of the fatal unbalanced transfer of resources between North and South.