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Portrait of a sculptor



- scenography for the performance ELYSIUM, 1995

A coherent installation shaped as a holy cathedral with archetypical characters connecting to our concept of the original religious dimension of man, understood as the encounter between male and female, life and death,  nature and culture. The stage was set up in a 500 m2 big darkened hall in Galschiot’s workshop. The arrangement consisted of the cocoon shields, gas torches, totem like copper sculptures, water fountains, archetypical copper sculptures, 24 tons of sand, 20 tons of stones, cloth, light effects etc. - in addition paintings by the surrealist Bjoern Haugaard. The performance included more than 50 dancers, actors and musicians. The project was supported among others by the Cultural Foundation in 1995.

Documentation: two professional video programs (Danish TV2). Book with photos and an interview.



Major ornamentation carried out in cooperation with the artist Ivan Boytler for Europe’s biggest nursery of roses, ‘Rosanova’ on the island of Funen.

Seven big glass mosaics, each of 1 x 2 m, of melted glass, copper and steel hung up between nine ceramic pillars with inlaid bronze roses and two big water fountains consisting of ceramic pillars, glass, organic vegetation of copper and bronze roses are set up to ornament the entrance of the nursery. The ornamentation was presented at a big exhibition of gardening, where it achieved the first prize.