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Portrait of a sculptor



Another world is possible - so the slogan of the ESF. On three occasions Jens Galschiot has participated with his sculpture groups to highlight the topics of the meetings.

Paris 2003

The tenth anniversary of My Inner Beast was celebrated with two Beasts participating in the big manifestation accompanied by Survival of the Fattest and 14 Hunger Boys.

London 2004

About the reasons for his sculptural intervention Jens Galschiot explains: We westerners regard ourselves as altruistic to the poor. But the altruism is inverted Robin Hood. Our chanted free trade is full of restrictions in defence of our privileges, while the third world is kept in misery.

European Social Forum

in Malmö, Sweden, 2008

Four Pregnant Teenagers joined a crusade through Malmö along with a small model of The Pillar of Shame.

Galschiot’s sculptures were already familiar to many of the activists, as  Survival of the Fattest and The Hunger Boys had joined the Social Forum of Scania in 2006.