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Portrait of a sculptor




A sculpture group made for the Danish exhibition in the Art Pavilion at the World Exhibition, Expo 92 in Seville, Spain. The Cocoon consists of 22 big steel shields, each measuring 1.5 x 4 m. The shields are penetrated by faces made of bronze.

In addition Galschiot contributed about twenty bronze sculptures and a working silversmith’s workshop. The exhibition was arranged in cooperation with The Mobile Gallery in Kolding that had received a 76 m long submarine as a gift from Gorbatjev. French artist Jean Dewasne was envisaged to be responsible for the outside ornamentation, Galschiot for the inside fitting up of the submarine. The vision of establishing a cultural growth centre for young unemployed in the submarine was never actualised.

Documentation: A professional video program about the exhibition.

Detail from one of the Shields


- a ‘the earth is poison’-sculpture for children and other philosophical souls

A sculpture group describing the universe of the little prince and aiming to symbolize the essence of the fairytale of Saint-Exupéry. Seven blocks of granite (asteroids) are ‘floating’ in a circle around a 2-metre high planet (the Earth). The universe is populated by creatures (bronze sculptures) that the little prince is meeting on his way. He finds out that “the essential is invisible to the eye and only by the heart you really see”.

The sculpture was mounted May 1996 on the central square of Fuglebjerg in Sealand. It provides possibilities for the children to play ‘the earth is poison’ climbing and jumping around on the sculptures of stone and bronze.