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Portrait of a sculptor



The Showbiz of 1993. A mask of bronze. The  prize is given once a year by the Kolding Theatre to an outstanding character of the cultural life.

Wing. Sculpture for the Phoenix Architectural Competition, ‘Function and Form 1991’.


Hans Christian Andersen Prize. Every year since 1996 Galschiot has made a copper casting of Andersen’s book The Adventures of my Life. A poem of Andersen and the name of the prize receiver are engraved. The sculpture is awarded to three persons who have contributed to the propagation of the storyteller’s works. The prize has been rewarded, among others, to German writer Günter Grass, the American film producer Steven Spielberg and in 2004 to Queen Margaret II.


The Fernando Prize. A sculpture prize for the Association of Social Politics. Since 1998 awarded once a year for an extraordinary contribution in the field of the association.

The Solar Catcher. The prize of the Danish Department of Energy. 1998-2001 awarded once a year to a municipality that had made a special effort in the research and implementation of renewable solar energy.