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Portrait of a sculptor




Somalia Sculpture. Sculpture in copper (70 x 60 cm) expressing a grotesque contrast: Barbie-like cameramen filming starving people from Somalia. The sculpture was sold to the Jersild Advertising Agency for an amount of 4,500 USD that was entirely donated to the Appeal for Africa, 1992.

Contemplation. Sculpture for the 10th anniversary of the Odense University Library, 1989.

The Boy Sofus. Torso of pregnant woman for the maternity ward of the Odense University Hospital bought by the midwives’ foundation .

Pregnant. Slim pregnant woman for the maternity ward of the Hospital of Soenderborg.

Shield. Sculpture in miniature inspired by the Cocoon. Bronze (25 x 20 cm). A gift from The Mobile Gallery to Her Majesty Queen Margaret II of Denmark and Prince Henrik on the occasion of their silver wedding 1992.

Queen Margaret II receiving the Shield

The Ringwearer’s Jacket. Sculpture in oxidized copper (50 x 60 cm). A present to Queen Margaret II commissioned by the Clothing Industry’s Union of Denmark for Her Majesty’s 50th birthday in 1990. Inspired by the book The Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien which the Queen had illustrated a few years earlier, Galschiot engraved the drawings into the buttons of a hobbit jacket.