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Portrait of a sculptor



A display of modern society’s vulnerability

In co-operation with the Bruthalia Theatre Jens Galschiot had his debut as set designer in a performance about Ted Kazcynski, dubbed the Una bomber, one of modern time’s most renowned terrorists. The settings of the play alternate between ancient Alexandria and present day’s high-tech society.

The play was set up in October and November 2001 in Galschiot’s workshop and in various Danish cities. The tragedy of 11 September endowed the performance with poignant relevance.

The scenography was created as a sculpture in its own right. It was built up to visualize the duplicity of human conduct. The stage measures 12 x 6 metres, consisting of a centre plateau of 3 x 3 metres. The central plateaus dissolves into minor platforms which move upwards and outwards at both sides. Both the centre plateau and the minor platforms drift on a forest of bars. So the construction appears as almost weightless.

The stage has at one end an ‘organic’ eradiation. Here you find the library of Alexandria as a symbol of traditional wisdom. At the other end with ‘industrial’ character the Alexandrian lighthouse represents technical innovation. The centre platform symbolizes the present.

The scenography has been installed in Galschiot’s gallery where it on various occasions makes up an ideal framework for debates on societal, ethical, cultural issues.