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Portrait of a sculptor



Jens Galschiot´s creations of clothing sculptures establish a close harmony between artistic expression and the fashion world of reality. He has co-operated with Jean Voigt, Erik Mortensen and other fashion designers.

He says:

By capturing and re-creating these experiences in copper, I create such an effect so as to compel us to visually re-asses our surroundings. I'm particularly fascinated by costume. I try to allow the costume to retain  its own aura while at the same time preserving the body's presence as an essential part of the sculpture. Drapes have a particular fascination for me. These mysterious folds rippling from the body seem to have a short life of their own in the instant of the motion of the body.

It is these short flashes of beauty and intimacy that I attempt to capture in my sculptures. In many of these, I work with the emptiness as an integral part of the experience, for instance by releasing my costume sculptures from their human content, or by letting my sculptures be wrapped within a veil of material. In this way the observer, aided by his own fantasy, can mentally ´fill in´ the void with his own impressions. My point of view is that no work of art can reach up to the human fantasy, and if my sculptures merge with the imagination of the observer, I have indeed achieved my aim.”