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Portrait of a sculptor



Copper sculpture exhibited on the occasion the 50th anniversary of OMEP  (French acronym for ‘Organisation Mondiale pour l’Éducation Préscolaire’), 1998. The organisation is an NGO related to UNESCO. Its aim is to improve the future conditions of life for all children on our Earth.

The sculpture Civilization, measuring 180 cm, is a symbolic expression of this endeavour. The round form symbolises the Earth as an entity. The organic surface of the globe symbolises the Earth as a living organism. The alphabets and the figures on the surface are symbols of the accumulated knowledge and wisdom of humanity.


The 2.5 m high bronze sculpture weighed 250 kg and represented a woman screaming desperately to the sky, why her God has abandoned her.

The sculpture was exhibited in a sculpture park connected to Vaerkstedsgalleriet in Otterup on Funen, until it was stolen on 16 September 2001.

“The thieves must have been very interested in art. They moved a heap of boulders, backed a car with a trailer into the park and somehow got the sculpture staggered up on the trailer”, Jette Heckmann, the owner, tells.