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Portrait of a sculptor


A Pillar of Shame was set up in Hong Kong on 4th June 1997. This event marked the initiation of an art manifestation that is now spreading over the Planet. Over the next ten years a Pillar of Shame will be mounted about once a year as a memorial of a severe infringement against humanity. The Pillar is an original dark sculpture eight metres in height depicting more than 50 painfully twisted human bodies.


- a Sculptural Outcry

The Pillar of Shame represents a good deal of money: the only symbol which really commands global respect. Monuments of this calibre are normally set up in memory of ‘heroic’ deeds.

However, here the sculpture is mounted to serve as a continual reminder of a shameful act which must never reoccur. The Pillar of Shame is a kind of Nobel Prize of Injustice.