- Born 1954 in Frederikssund, Denmark

- Address in Odense since 1973

- Married with three children

- Educated as a locksmith at the ‘Lindoe’ shipyard, 1978

- Self-taught silversmith and sculptor

- Workshop since 1985





THE BOY SOFUS, 1988. Torso of pregnant woman for the maternity ward of the Odense University Hospital bought by the midwives’ foundation .


ABSORPTION. Sculpture for the 10th anniversary of the Odense University Library, 1989.


THE RINGWEARER’S JACKET. Sculpture in oxidized copper (50 x 60 cm). A present to Queen Margaret II commissioned by the Clothing Indu­stry’s Union of Denmark for Her Majesty’s 50th birthday in 1990.


WING. Sculpture for the Phoenix Architectural Compe­tition, ‘Function and Form 1991’.


ARABIC SCULPTURE GROUP, Tesahud. Copper, 120 x 60 cm, 1991


SOMALIA SCULPTURE, 1991, copper (70 x 60 cm) expressing a grotesque contrast: Barbie-like came­ra­­men filming starving people from Somalia.­­­


COCOON, 1992, 17x17x4 m, a sculpture group made for the Danish ex­­hibition in the Art Pavilion at the World Exhibition­, Expo 92 in Seville, Spain.



Concrete, 80 x 80 x 230 cm, weight 1 ton

Mounting of one-ton heavy black concrete sculp­tures in famous places in twenty cities across Europe. The sculp­tures represent a pig in human clothes.


THE SHOWBIZ of 1993. A mask of bronze. The  prize is given once a year by the Kol­ding Theatre to an outstan­ding character of the cultural life.


THE OCCULT TEMPLE, 1995, 500 m2,

- scenography for the performance ELYSIUM


PREGNANT, 1995, copper. Slim pregnant woman for the maternity ward of the Hospital of Soenderborg.


THE SILENT DEATH - 13,000,000 human lives

A happening carried out during the UN’s social summit in Copen­hagen, 1995. 750 figures of children (a total of 15 tons) were fettered to benches, lamp posts etc. all over the City. The figures were made of cloth and stuffed with gravel. Their size was like 3-9 year old children.

In addition 13,000,000 certificates, one for each child doomed to die in 1995, were distributed. 60 differ­ent certi­fi­cates were printed, each in 200,000 copies. 60 dif­ferent drawings of black children were scanned onto copies of real bank notes.


THE LITTLE PRINCE, 1996, 12x12x3 m, stone and bronze, a sculpture group describing the essence of the fairy­tale of Saint-Exu­pé­­ry.


HANS CHRISTIAN ANDERSEN PRIZE. Every year since 1996, a copper casting of Andersen’s book The Adventures of my Life. A poem of Andersen and the name of the prize receiver are engraved.


ORNAMENTATION OF A NURSERY GARDEN, 15x2 m, melted glass, copper and steel. Major ornamentation carried out in cooperation with the artist Ivan Boytler.


THE EARTH IS POISONOUS, Odense, Denmark,1997, carried out in co-operation with students and teachers of the ‘Torn­bjerg Gymnasium’.


THE PILLAR OF SHAME, Hong Kong, 1997. The first Pillar was set up to denounce the crackdown of the demo­cra­cy movement 1989 in Beijing.


YOUNG PEOPLE IN GLASS TUBES, Town Hall Square in Copen­hagen,1997. Installation set up during the ‘Youth Conference 13:24’ to fan the debate of young people’s living conditions in a modern city.


FEAR EATS UP SOULS, glass and copper, Roskilde Festival, 1998, an installation about torture set up in co-operation with Amnesty International to mark the 50th anniversary of the Declaration of Human Rights.


SHATTERED, 1998. Two ’specimen tubes’ of glass with bo­dies ‘in spirits’ and two 5 metre high columns of cop­per. The sculpture installation was set up in co­-operation with the Rehabilitation Cen­tre for Torture Victims.


CIVILIZATION, 1998, 2x2x2,5 m, cobber

Exhibited on the occasion the 50th anni­ver­sary of OMEP  (French acronym for ‘Organisation Mon­­­di­ale pour l’Éducation Pré­sco­laire’).


THE FERNANDO PRIZE. Torso. Copper, 40 x 25 cm. Since 1998 awarded once a year for an extraordinary contribution in the field of social politics.


THE SOLAR CATCHER. The prize of the Danish Department of Energy. 1998-2001 awarded once a year to a municipality that had made a special effort in the research and implementation of renewable solar energy.


THE OCTOPUS ROBE, 1999, 2x2x2 m, bronze

The sculpture is created on the Octopus Robe, ­designed by one of the world’s most renowned Haute Couture designers, Danish Erik Mortensen (Balmain).


THE PILLAR OF SHAME, Acteal, Mexico, 1999. Erected as a denunciation of a massacre where 45 unarmed indigenous people were slaughtered by a paramilitary group on 22nd December ’97.


THE PILLAR OF SHAME, Belém, Brazil, 2000. The sculpture was set up in commemoration of the 19 landless peasants who were killed by the military police in the northern state of Pará on 17 April 1996.


THE MESSENGER, 5 metres, bronze. Inaugurated 2000 in Copenhagen. The sculpture was a comment to the worldwide Jubilee 2000 campaign pleading for the cancellation of the poor countries’ hopeless debt. Also exhibited NGO Gathering in Prague, on the occasion of the summit of the World Bank and the IMF, 2000.


HANDS OF STONE - a statement on children's rights, 2000. Concrete

3000 unique castings of children's hands were set up in co-operation with Amne­sty International.


REQUIEM FOR THE WORLD BANK'S VICTIMS, NGO Gathering in Prague, on the occasion of the summit of the World Bank and the IMF, 2000. A funeral procession was performed in cooperation with Danish Jubilee 2000 supporters dressed in corpse costumes and carrying crosses. 20 dark copper masks on 4 metres high poles shrouded in black, and a Pillar of Shame joined the procession.


JUST DO IT!, 2001

In the middle of Odense´s pedestrian street, a bronze sculpture of a 12 year old, starved black boy with a large pair of shining new Nike shoes is watching the well-fed Danes rushing by.



Human blood, the Bible, and thousands of genuine American bank notes are elements of The Tenth Plague, intended to denounce the pharmaceutical industry’s lawsuit about patent rights in South Africa.


WHY ME ???, 2.5 m, 250 kg, bronze, 2001

a woman screaming desperately to the sky, why her God has abandoned her. The sculpture was exhibited in Otterup on Funen, from where it was stolen.


THE UTMOST SILENCE, 2001a scenography n co-operation with the Bruthalia Theatre, copper, 12 x 6 metres, consisting of a centre plateau of 3 x 3 metres.


THE FIERY SOUL, 2001, copper, 3 x 1 m, 2 stands with a gas flame at the top and 10 candelabras, and 40 minor sculpturs. Created on the occasion of the UN´s Internatio­nal Year of Volunteers.


ASEM 4 SUMMIT, Copenhagen 2001, 27 copper sculptures of starving boys took the occasion to demonstrate for social justice.



A decoration for the courthouse of Odense

Justitia, the goddess of justice, grows out of the wall with sword and scales and watches over the trial. As she is clad in fishing net a connection is made to Kraka, a beautiful and wise woman of Norse mythology.


THE HUNGER MARCH, 2002. A crowd of 27 starving African boys cast in copper started a tour throughout the country to protest against the government’s cutback of development aid.


THE NIGHTMARE, Roskilde Festival, 2002

The scene is a square of 15 x 15 metres On each corner four large steel constructions are placed, each built of 3 metre high ‘Greek pillars. On these pillars are placed the 2 metre high sculptures My Inner Beast and they are illuminated by bonfires at the bottom.

From each of the Greek pillars two sculptures of the Fenris wolf (from the Norse mythology) are reaching out. Inside the wolf, cast in copper, 1.5 metres long, an oil burner is installed. During the performance it will vomit flames 3-4 metres high.

As demarcation of the area, between the Greek pillars are placed 50 thin, 3 metre high iron poles, each with a copper mask on the top. The masks represent distorted faces, all of them fragments from the sculpture Pillar of Shame.

On the poles are attached copper hands holding oil lamps made of coca cola bottles covered with copper. The lamps associate to Molotov cocktails. The flames illuminate the masks.

The 8 metre high Pillar of Shame is erected in the centre of the area. From each corner of the Pillar a Fenris wolf, 2.5 metres long is branching out. In the core of the sculptures electric kettledrums are installed.



A 28 feet replica of the Statue of Liberty was spilling out smoke from her torch in Co­penhagen throughout the World Summit on Sustainable Development in Johannesburg August 2002.


SURVIVAL OF THE FATTEST, copper, 3.5 m, 2002

A huge fat woman from the West is sitting on the shoulders of starved African man. Created in co-operation with sculptor Lars Calmar.


THE BELLA CENTER The GSU Fair August 2003 for gold, silver and watches

Exhibition of a series of big sculptures, e.g. huge copper masks and fountains of boulders and copper. The famous 8 meters high Pillar of Shame was set up at the entrance.


THE BELLA CENTER - The Fashion Fair February 2003

Catwings – a contraction of catwalk and wings is the title of a series of unique copper sculptures, based on female plastic mannequins.


THE STORYTELLER’S FOUNTAIN - An interactive monument to Hans Christian Andersen

Copper model - scale 1/10, 2003. Big copper sculpture of the poet, 3.5 m, 2005. The Storyteller’s Fountain, copper and bronze, 10 metres in diameter, 200?.


THE ASIAN PAVILION, titanium, stainless steel, canvas and bamboo, 300 square metre and 12 metre high, 2003. A tent shaped as a surreal huge insect designed for Images of Asia



Based on Hans Christian Andersen’s fairytale The Ugly Duckling, donated by the staff of Micro Matic on the occasion of the company’s 50th anniversary.


THE SILENT DEATH +5 - Activists Denounce the World’s Leaders, Geneva, 2000

At the follow-up Social Summit, Danish activists carried out a follow-up of The Silent Death.

On Place des Nations by-passers were met with a macabre view of ‘children’s bodies’, a bonfire of ‘bank notes’ and young people sleeping on the ground.





The tenth anniversary of My Inner Beast was celebrated with two Beasts participating in the big manifestation accompanied by Survival of the Fattest and 14 Hunger Boys.



Survival of the Fattest and 12 Hunger Boys were exhibited.


BALANCING ACT, copper, 2005

Copper sculptures representing human figures performing an apparently impossible balancing act on the top of a very tall pole of carbon fibres. They will function as a logo and eye catcher for many events throughout the UN Decade for Education for Sustainable Development (2005-2014).


VOICES FROM THE GHETTO, 2005, interactive video project consisting of 5 sculpture construc­tions with 3 computers with monitors in each of them. Carried out in co-operation with Niller Madsen from the TV station Rundfunk La Rouge (Odense ser Rødt).



Eleven copper sculptures of 10 year old girls in natural size, inspired by the tale of Hans Christian Andersen. The girls hold a bundle of matches in one hand – a mobile phone in the other. The sculptures made a tour through Denmark in connection with the municipal elections to highlight children’s living conditions in 2005.


THE GOLDEN CALF, Ghent, Belgium 2005. An 8 m high copper sculpture coated with 24-carat gold foil, to denounce the unethical investments of Belgian banks.


MAD COW DISEASE, WTO Summit in Hong Kong, 2005

A sculpture to denounce the EU’s ‘madness of subsidies’

The sculpture was launched during the Global Week of Action, April 2005. It was set up on the Town Hall sq. of Copenhagen to highlight the campaign for fair trade.

This piece of art consists of a pair of scales, 8 metres high. On one arm hangs a dead cow by its legs, on the other a number of Africans (in copper).

Mad Cow Disease had come to Hong Kong toge­ther with Survival of the Fattest and The Hunger March to pinpoint the inequitable world trade.



Survival of the Fattest and The Hunger March were displayed on the central square of the Swedish city of Lund.



Once again Jens Galschiot´s sculptures join the ESF: Survival of the Fattest, Hunger March, and Balancing Act. His staff handed out more than 20,000 copies of his new poster with a photo collage and the Athens Aphorisms.


EU – WHAT NOW?, 2006, interactive video project consisting of 5 sculpture construc­tions with 3 computers with monitors in each of them. Carried out in co-operation with Niller Madsen from the TV station Rundfunk La Rouge (Odense ser Rødt).



TREE OF LIFE, 2006, bronze. A tree-formed candelabra for churches in Scandinavia created in co-operation with DanChurchAid.


IN THE NAME OF GOD, 2006, copper, 4 m. The sculpture depicts a crucified pregnant teen-ager, as a denunciation of Christian fundamentalists’ crusade against contraception projects.







·       17:48, Cultural Centre, Odense. (X)

·       Galleri Noeglebaek, Odense. (X)

·       Galleri Beck, Aalborg.

·       The University of Odense. (X)

·       The Concert House, Aarhus. (X)

·       Carlsberg Museum, Copenhagen

·       A.P. Moeller, Copenhagen. (X)

·       The Carlsberg Brewery, Copenhagen. (X)

·       Fyns Amt (County of Funen), Odense. (X)

·       The Main Public Library, Copenhagen. (X)

·       The Art Society, Frederikssund. (X)

·       The Fashion Fair, Bella Centre, Copenhagen. (X)

·       Aarhus Amt (County of Aarhus), Aarhus. (X)

·       Hotel Scandinavia, Copenhagen. (X)

·       Vejle Amt (County of Vejle), Vejle. (X)

·       Galleri nr. 7, Aabenraa. (X)

·       Nordfair Centret, Vejle. (X)

·       Galleri Gaasepigen, Aalborg. (X)

·       Galleri Nuance, Copenhagen. (X)

·       Galleri Knud Grothe, Charlottenlund.

·       The Mobile Gallery, Kolding.

·       Novo Nordisk, Gentofte. (X)

·       Museum of History of Civilization, Randers.

·       The Town Hall, Brande. (X)

·       Chapel of the castle Koldinghus, Kolding. (X)

·       Kreditforeningen Danmark, Odense. (X)

·       Geographical Garden, Kolding. (X)

·       Kunst i blomst, Herning Congress Centre.

·       Museum of Aabenraa. (X)

·       Team Theatre, Herning. (X)

·       Kastrup Airport, Copenhagen

·       Skovpavillonen, Kerteminde, 1993/94/95/96/97

·       The Town Hall, Odense, 1994 (X)

·       Illums Bolighus, Odense.

·       B&O Centre in Denmark 1994 (X)

·       Museum of Carl Nielsen, Odense, 1994 (X)

·       Rosenlund, v. Jean Voigt. Sakskoebing, 94 (X)

·       Otilliahus, Copenhagen, 1994 (X)

·       Galleri Blidah, Hellerup, from 1994 (P,X)

·       Galleri Rødhusgården, Pandrup, 1994

·       Odense Congress Centre, Odense, 1994

·       Art Society of Limfjorden, 1994/95

·       Herning Tankskibsrederi, Herning, 1994/95

·       Gimsinghoved, Struer, 1994, 2004 (X)

·       Galleri X, Rungsted, from 1994 (P, X)

·       SOFA, Nyborg, 1994 (X)

·       NGO-forum, Holmen Copenhagen, 1995

·       Galleri Thouber og Christensen, Cph., 1995 (X)

·       Cowi Consult Engineers, Copenhagen, 1995 (X)

·       Hans Christian Andersen Days, Odense, 1995

·       Ulriksholm Castle, 1995

·       Galleri X, Rungsted Kyst, 1995 (P)

·       Galleri København, 1996

·       Kompan, Ringe, 1996 (X)

·       Galleri Provence, Aalborg, 1996 (X)

·       Nilles Kro, Sabro, 1996 (X)

·       Roskilde Festival, 1996/97/98/99/2000/01/02 (X)

·       Tommerup Kulturlandsby, 1996 (X)

·       Trade Unions of Denmark (LO), Fyens Forum 1996

·       Lion’s Club Kerteminde 1996/97/98/99/2000/01/      02/03/04/ 05/06

·       Andeboelle Ungdomshoejskole 1996/97/98/99

·       Town Hall of Skjern 1997 (X)

·       Global Summit, Falkoner Center, Copenhagen 1997

·       Young People in Glass Tubes, Town Hall Square, Copenhagen, 1997 (X)

·       Dance around the Pillar of Shame, A Performance about Suffering and Chaos, Odense 1997 (X)

·       Town Hall of Herning, 1997 (X)

·       Munke Mose, Odense, 1997 (X)

·       Middelfart, 1997 (X)

·       50th Anniversary of OMEP, Falkoner Center, Copen­ha­gen, 1998 (X)

·       Human Rave, Amnesty International, Odense 1998 (X)

·       City of Haderslev, 1998 (X)

·       Vaerkstedsgalleriet, Toerresoe, 1998/99 (X)

·       Rock against Nazism, Andeboelle 1998 (X)

·       50th Anniversary of Declaration of Human Rights, Amnesty International, Roskilde Festival 1998 (X)

·       Submarine in Nakskov, 1998/99

·       Town Hall Square of Odense, Sclerosis Association, 1998 (X)

·       The Froeslev Memorial Concentration Camp, Amnesty International, Krusaa, 1999 (X)

·       Cultural Week of Odense, Town Hall, 1999

·       50th Anniversary of the occupation of Tibet, Amnesty International, Odense, 1999 (X)

·       Culture Week of Aarup, Centre of the village, 1999/2000 (X)

·       Ringe Festival 2000

·       Haderslev, Pedestrian street, 2000

·       Kongens Nytorv, Copenhagen, 2000

·       Railway Station Sq., Aarhus, 2000

·       Aalborg, Pedestrian street, 2000

·       Hestetorvet, Roskilde, 2000

·       Hands of Stone, Town Hall Sq., Odense, 2000

·       Fiery Souls, Odense Congress Center, 2001

·       Nike sculpture, Pedestrian street, Odense, 2001

·       ASEM 4 Summit, Copenhagen, 2001

·       Freedom to Pollute, Copenhagen, 2002

·, Vedbaek, from 2002 (P)

·       Fashion Fair, Bella Center, Copenhagen, 2003/04

·       GSU Fair, Bella Center, Copenhagen, 2003

·       Det Hemmelige Galleri, Herning, from 2003 (P)

·       Cultural Days, Kolding, 2004

·       Galerie Helth, Copenhagen, from 2004 (P,X)

·       Galleri Jarsbo, Arhus, 2005/06

·       Ro’s Torv, Roskilde, 2006 (X)

·       Gammelgaard, Herlev, 2006

·       Oestfyns Kunstforening, Nyborg, 2006 (X)

·       Ringkoebing Kunstforening, 2006 (X)

·       Galleri Elise Toft, Kolding, 2006

·       Faaborg Kunstforening, 2006 (X)



·       La culture et l’activité humaine pour refuser la misère (conference arranged by the European Commission), Brussels, 1995

·       Gold Fever, Kouter sq. in Ghent, 2005 (X)



·       Brasilia, Three Powers’ Sq., front of Parliament, 2000 (X)

·       Praça da Leitura, Belém, 2000 (P, X)



·       University of Hong Kong, July 1997 (X)

·       Chinese University, Sep. 1997 (X)

·       Lingnan College, Nov. 1997 (X)

·       Baptist University, Nov. 1997 (X)

·       University of Science and Technology, Jan. 1998 (X)

·       Polytechnic University, March 1998 (X)

·       City University, March 1998 (X)

·       Candlelight Vigil, Victoria Park, June 1998/99 (X)

·       University of Hong Kong, from 1999 (P, X)

·       WTO ministerial conference, 2005 (X)

·       Victoria Park, 2005 (X)


HONG KONG (British Crown Colony)

·       Candlelight Vigil, Victoria Park, June 1997 (X)

·       University of Hong Kong, June 1997 (X)



·       Marianske Namesti, Prague, 2000 (X)

·       Ngo gathering, Prague, 2000 (X)



·       The Alpine Gallery, Mayfair, London, 1992 (X)

·       European Social Forum, London, 2004 (X)



·       Galerie Pluriel Décor, Narbonne.

·       3ième Festival International de Peinture et de Sculp­ture de Narbone, 1991. Gold medal received for the exhibition of sculptures.

·       11ème Salon International de Peinture et Sculpture de Vittel. Silver medal for exhibition of sculptures.

·       IXème Salon International de Peinture et Sculp­ture de Nancy, 1993

·       L´Université pour Tous Léo Lagrange et Campus Culture, Nancy, 1993 (comprehensive one-man exhibition) (X)

·       Arexpo 1993, Narbonne.

·       A.M.E.I.C.A.G., Gueugnon, 1995

·       Milandes, Dordogne, 1998

·       Gruissan, 1996/97/98

·       European Social Forum, Paris, November 2003 (X)



·       Checkpoint Charlie Museum, Berlin, from 1995 (P)

·       International Furniture Fair, Cologne, 1994

·       Raum und Kunst, Hamburg, 1994

·       Flower Fair, Essen, 1995

·       Fair of Francfort, 1997 (X)

·       Gallery Bauschke, Francfort, 1999/2000 (X)

·       Hotel Intercontinental, Francfort, 2000/01/02

·       Greenpeace Campaign, Hamburg, 2002




·       European Social Forum, Athens, 2006 (X)



·       Cultural Week, Nanortalik, 1995



·       ESF Conference, Ahmedabad, 2005



·       The first Pillar of Shame is exhibited at the main entrance of the NGO Forum on the FAO’s Summit in Rome, November 1996 (X)

·       a two metre high model of the sculpture exhibited on the Hunger Gathering in Villagio Globale, 1996



·       Freedom To Pollute, Greenpeace Campaign against Esso, 2002 (X)



·       Casa del Lago, Bosque de Chapultepec, Mexico City, April 1999 (X)

·       Zócalo, in front of the Parliament, Mexico City, 1st May 1999 (X)

·       Acteal, Chiapas, from 1999 (P, X)



·       Railway Station sq., Oslo, 2006 (X)

·       Numedal Folkehoegskole, from 2006 (P)



·       Galeria Ciutat Vella, Barcelona, 1993

·       World Exhibition EXPO 92, Seville (X)

·       Juan Delgado, Granada, 1995



·       Gallery Miva, Malmoe, from 2005 (P)

·       Social Forum of Scania, Lund, 2006 (X)

·       Folk High School, Gothenburg, 2006 (X)



·       Place des Nations, in front of the UN building, Geneva, 2000 (X)

·       Ngo gathering, Geneva, 2000 (X)

Copies of My Inner Beast are placed in store houses, jails, museums or squares in the following cities:­ Copen­hagen, Odense, Aarhus, Her­ning, Oslo, Stock­holm, Bonn, Munich, Ber­lin, Zurich, Inns­bruck, Ant­werp, Amsterdam, Brussels, Geneva, Paris, Marseille, Lyon, Barcelona and Cormano (Milan).

(X) = One-man exhibition, exhibition with at least 15 sculptures or exhibition with the artist’s sculptures as an essential part

(P) = Permanent exhibition








Works sold to:

Hospital of Odense - University of Odense - Municipality of Frederikssund - Art Society of Frederikssund - County of Funen - Art Socie­ty of Vejle and Aarhus Counties­ - Art Society of Brande - Commercial School of Aalborg - Art Society of Aabenraa­ - The Clothing Industry’s Union of Denmark - Art societies of­ Novo Nordisk and Carlsberg - KTAS - Superfos - Jersild Adver­ti­sing Agency - Muni­cipality of Fuglebjerg - The Hans Christian Andersen Committee - Møller og Co. - Ministry of Energy - Micro Matic - Hans Christian Andersen Hotel - Companies and individuals in Denmark and abroad


Support from foundations, companies etc.

Absorption, 1989: Foundation of Engineer N M Knudsen

World Exhibition EXPO 92 in Seville: Municipality of Kolding - The Krupp Group - Sandvig Stål, Sweden - Vavu­teck, Germany - Jahala, Kolding - Foundation of manufacturer E H Ludvigsen and Wife

My Inner Beast Happening, 1993: Cultural foundation of SID/KAD - The Funch foundation - The foundation of  Ellen Hørup - The Peace Social­pæda­go­ger­nes Landsforbund - Teknisk Landsforbund - BUPL - Pædagogisk Medhjælper­for­bund - The Sport Club Regnbuen - Rampelyset - Team Theatre

The UN Happening -13,000,000 Human Lives, 1995:

Foundations: The Peace Foundation - The Lysgaard Foundation - The Funch Foundation - The 1st May Foundation - Foundation for Media and Culture of KAD and SID

Private persons: Ulla og Sophus Christophersen - Hanne Wilian Hoffbeck

Trade unions: Pædagogisk Medhjælperforbund - Socialpædagogernes Landsforbund - Ergoterapeutforeningen - Dansk Social­råd­giver­forening  - BUPL - ­ Social­pædagogernes Landsforbund, Amtskreds 1, 5, 8, 11, 13 and 15 - BUPL Copenhagen - Social Workers of Copenhagen - Fællesklubben KUC

Firms: Odense Litograferne ApS - K-salat - IBM - Suppen den er Mou - Svanholm Gods - Super­brugsen, Albanigade - Tebstrub Gede­oste - Irma, Rødovre - DSB Intercity og Grupperejser - Solhjulet - Galleri Asbæk - Bodyshop Danmark - Brødrene Vester­gård, Hvidovre - various anonymous contributers

Others: Scenetjenesten - Odense Kommunes Erhvervstræningsskole - Kultur-fabrikken på Amager - Team Theatre - Rampe­lyset - Søren Gericke - Municipalities of the County of Copenhagen - Krakagården

Elysium, 1995: The Cultural Foundation - Municipality of Odense - Tuborg Foundation - Undergrunden - DATS - Gade­­sjak­­ket - Team Theatre - Skæg­spire - Vin­tapperteatret - Baggårdsteatret - Odense Theatre - Odense Inter­na­tio­na­l Music ­Theatre - Odense Kom­­mu­nes Erhvervstræ­nings­skole - The Funish Academy of Music - Civil Defence­­­ - Thao Ngo - Fyens Stil­lads Compagni - Byhøj­sko­lens Medielinie - Pedeller - Café 17:48 - Slagtøjs­spe­cia­li­sten - Barracks of Odense - Theatre School - Fyns Kranudstyr - Odense Skiklub - Smykkesmeden - Musik­laden - Coca-Cola - Den Rytmiske Aftenskole - BP gas

The Little Prince, 1995: The Egmont foundation - Lions Club

Pillar of Shame Happening, 1996-?:

Foundations: Funch Foundation - Gelsted/Kirk/Scherfig Foundation - The Peace Foundation - Lysgaard Foundation

Trade unions: Socialpædagogernes Landsforbund / National Federation of Social Educators - Socialpædagogernes Landsforbund in Vejle - BUPL

Firms: DeTrey Dentsply AG, Switzerland - Vedstaarup Lerfabrik A/S

Others: The cultural department of the municipality of Odense

The Earth is Poison, 1997: The Green Foundation - The Cultural Foundation

Octopus Dress of Erik Mortensen/Galschiot: Foundations of Thomas B. Thrige, Bikuben, Engineer N.M. Knud­sen, and Ny­kredit

Hands of Stone, 2002: Dentaurum - Dentsply - Skanska - Leman - I.M. Nielsen & Odense Tømmergård - Densit A/S - GC - JF Emballage ApS - Elstrøm Dental A/S - Rambøll Jubilæumsfonden - Heraeus Kulzer - Jensen Tæpper & Gardiner - Municipality of Odense

The Nightmare, 2002: BB Hydraulik - Emmeløv Mølle (Biodiesel) - Havnens Autogenbrug, Odense - Weishaupt

WTO ministerial conference in Hong Kong, 2005: LO - Association of Danish Trade Unions, 3F - Trade Union, Social­pæda­go­gernes Landsforbund / National Federation of Social Educators,  (Danish Association for International Co-opera­tion)

European Social Forum, Paris 2003, London 2004, Athens 2006: LO - Association of Danish Trade Unions, BUPL, BUPL Fyn, FTF, Socialpædagogernes Landsforbund / National Federation of Social Educators, Stilladsarbejdernes Landsklub, SF - Socialist People´s Party, Funen, FTF / Civil Servants´ and Salaried Employees´ Confederation, Ibis, MS (Danish Association for International Co-operation)

Voices from the Ghetto, 2005: Statens Kunstfond / Danish Arts Council

The Little Match Girl, 2005: BUPL

The Golden Calf, 2005: Netwerk Vlaanderen



Pædagogisk Medhjælperforbunds ‘Jubi-pris’, 1994 at 4,500 USD for My Inner Beast

Funktionærernes og Tjenestemændenes Fællesråds Kulturpris, 1994 at 9,000 USD

Gelsted/Kirk/Scherfig Foundation, 1995 for the Pillar of Shame

Korsløkke Ungdommelige Gejst og Glædes Pris, 1996

The Golden Shovel ‘97, A prize originating from the Advent calendar of the Danish Radio awarded for an extraordinary contribution to the cultural life

Industri– og Handelsforeningens Æreshåndværkerpris, 2001

Artists’ Award of Danish Confederation of Trade Unions, LO, 2002, 50,000 DKK

Scharnberg Award, 2002

Bjoern Afzelius Award, 2005, 10,000 DKK




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